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Rampant Caries

Rampant caries is the widespread and suddenly appearing type of caries which burrow rapidly and thereby resulting in early involvement of pulp occuring mostly in children.The spread of rampant caries is extensive,affecting ten or more teeth at a time.Therefore,it is necessary to take immediate action in order to curb this rapid spread of caries.
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What are Digital Scanners?

Digital scanners are used to take digital dental impressions of the patients in order to fabricate restorations which fit easily and quickly.Taking impressions with the digital scanners is faster, more accurate and easier compared to the conventional impression methods.Moreover its eliminates any sort of discomfort or gagging associated with process of impression recording.Firstly the impression of the mouth are taken using an intraoral scanner ,which displayed on the computer attached to it .
The computer processes all the information and displays a 3 dimensional model of the scanned region.
Optical impressions eliminates the need of impression materials and trays which are often the cause of patient discomfort.these are also more time efficient and do not require stone casts for preparation of final restoration. The 3D model is directly mailed to the laboratory technician for the fabrication of prosthesis.For the clinics possessing the CAD/CAM feature,the final file is directly sent CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing)and out into the milling machine for casting out the final prosthesis.With digital impressions patients understands the treatment plan better and shows more involvement unlike the traditional impressions.It ensures better communication with the patients and ensures better patient satisfaction .

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What Is Splint Therapy for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders ?

Temporomandibular joint disorders are the disorders which cause pain and dysfunction of the jaw joint and muscles which are responsible for jaw movements.Such disorders are the result of dearranged joint,damaged joint or tight muscles.Pain around the temporomandibular joint,restricted jaw movements and cracking sound on opening and closing the mouth are common symptoms that indicate TMJ disorders.
There are a number of varying treatment options available to provide relief from pain and discomfort caused by the temperomandibular joint disorders.Splint therapy is one of thge main options followed to provide relief. Occlusal splint therapy help in maintaining balance between neuromuscular system and  the masticatory system.These splints protection to TMJ discs from dysfunctional forces which lead to permaenet displacements,thereby helping to create a balanced occlusion.Occluding and non-occluding are the two main types of splinting. Occluding and non-occluding. Occluding splints, also called stabilization splints which aid in improving the alignment between upper and lower teeth. Non-occluding splints on other end ,opens the jaw,and prevent clenchingof teeth. They are easier and cheaper to fabricate.

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