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Guided Implant Surgery

#Guided #Implant #Surgery uses the computer generated surgical guides for
the surgical #placement of #implants into the #oral #cavity which is responsible for increase in
success rate of implant placement.It provides step by step guidance in placing #implants into
the #jaw. There is an implant #planning #software with transfers the locations of planned
implant sites to #CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing).
#TeethCareCentre uses the best #Nobel #Biocare #implants , which are surgically placed
according to the #Nobelguide, in order to avoid any problems due to implant
#malpositioning. #Nobelguide is the amalgamation of diagnosis,treatment planing and guided
#implant #surgery.
#TeethCareCentre is one of the #best #dental #clinic in #Ahmedabad. High success rates of #implant #surgeries make us one of the best an #implant #centres in  #Ahmedabad.

All on 4 Implants

#Allon4Implants is the affordable way of replacing all teeth of upper or lower jaw with the help of only 4 implants. It replaces the denture with fixed set of teeth which are supported by 4 implants. Since all the implants are made up of titanium,they have the ability to fuse to the underlying bone and form a strong anchorage. These implants act as your natural teeth and prevents facial sagging.It keep the facial muscles intact and enables you to eat everything of your choice.#TeethCareCentre is one of the best dental clinic in #Ahmedabad and therefore, we believe in using only the best implant, #NobelBiocare in our clinic in order to ensure maximum patient satisfaction.High success rates of #implant #surgeries make us one of the best an #implantcentres in #Ahmedabad.

Importance of implant in missing teeth

Implants are the titanium posts embedded into the jawbone, to replace missing tooth root or roots. bridges.Dental Implant integrates with the underlying jaw bone upon its placement and thereby looks and acts like your own natural tooth. Morover,it also prevents the bone lossbeneath the missing tooth and keeps the bone intact.It enable you to eat your favourite food without sliping away or causing any pain or hinderance.Implants also play an active role in improving your overall appearance by preventing facial sagging and premature ageing.

Teeth Care Centre is one of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad and
therefore we use only the best implants for ensure maximum patient
satisfaction. We use Nobel Biocare Active Implant which is an ideal
choice even in demanding situations like soft bone ,extraction
sockets or missing teeth in esthetic zones.We have a team of highly
skilled and experienced implantologists who ace in performing
implant surgeries.High success rates of implant surgeries makes us
one of the best an implant centres.