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Can we remove multiple teeth in single visit from dentist?


This is the most commonly asked question by people when they visit dentist for tooth removal. It is concerning and intimidating for many patients to get multiple tooth removed in one go, although it is not usual  but conditions like trauma , periodontal problems, multiple decayed and loose teeth in elderly people can be removed under certified oral surgeon. The dentist can prepare the patient before the surgery with some precautionary measure to avoid any complications. It is safe to remove multiple teeth under supervision and prior discussion with patient with certain limitation in medical problem and teeth condition.

The multiple tooth removal is planned by surgeon keeping in mind the necessity of patient. Usually, one section of teeth are removed which are making issue to patient’s health. This is planned in a way to allow patient’s comfort and intake of meals. Multiple wisdom tooth removal is avoided due to its location and surgical removal may create complication. If the same side wisdom tooth is removed without surgery it can be planned after the 2-D or 3-D analysis.

Post operative care after multiple teeth removal is mandatory and well explained to patient as there will be restrictions to physical activity, meals, drinks and habits of smoking and chewing areca nut.

Maintenance of oral hygiene is essential to boost up the healing and prevention of infection leading to post operative complications.

Teeth Care Centre, have a team of specialized dentist. The oral surgeon after thorough discussion and co-operation from patient’s side ensures the ease and painless procedure during removal of multiple teeth, when there is no medical condition and other complication.