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Anti-Aging Treatments From the Dentist?

When most people think about anti-aging treatments, they think about Botox, plastic surgeons, and weekends at the health spa. Did you know, though, that your dentist can have a huge impact on how old you look? It's unexpected by true. The way that your teeth are aligned and the way that they look can have a huge impact on your overall youthful look. So, if you're looking for antiwrinkle treatments, don't forget to call the dentist.

Your very first thought might be that we're simply talking about whitening your smile and keeping your natural teeth beautiful. This, in itself, can have a pretty dramatic impact on your youthful look. Check out magazines and movies, and you'll see that the youngest, most beautiful models and stars are those with straight, white teeth. We definitely associate white teeth with youth, and over time, you can start to experience staining and discoloring of your teeth, which can easily be fixed with today's dental techniques.

Basically, your mouth and the teeth in it are the things that support the entire rest of your facial structure. Think about the face of a toothless baby or, even better, an elderly lady or gentleman who has taken her or his false teeth out. A baby's skin is so elastic that it's hard to notice much of a difference, but if you look closely, you can see that a baby's cheeks are hollowed out until he starts to get back teeth. When an elderly person removes dentures, her whole face can sag and sort of collapse.

Over time, your face starts to cave in as your teeth wear down. If you're missing teeth or just have normal wear and tear, a dentist can restructure your face by restructuring your teeth. Some dental work can help erase fine lines around the mouth, and by boosting the whole facial structure, even fine lines in the forehead and jaw can disappear! So, when you need antiwrinkle treatments,

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zinc-containing denture creams

Millions of people use denture cream (also known as denture adhesive). Some, but not all, denture creams contain zinc. A few recent case reports in the scientific literature indicate a possible association between excessive use of zinc-containing denture creams and neurological and hematological problems.

The authors theorize that the patients probably swallowed excess denture cream, and that over years of use, zinc may have built up in these individual's bodies. It is well documented that swallowing excessive amounts of zinc can raise blood levels of zinc which can lead to lower blood levels of copper. The lower blood level of copper can then lead to neurological and hematological problems.

Dental examinations and appropriate care can reduce the need for denture adhesive products.

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