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Smile Makeover

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”

Smile can leave a lasting impression on strangers and friends alike, and plays a key role in your confidence and self-esteem. A beautiful smile can make it easier to socialise, improve your demeanour, and melt away any insecurities or anxieties that you may feel.

Improving your smile is one of the greatest investments that you can make, as it’s an investment in yourself.

With age, your smile can lose its vibrancy due to yellow discolored teeth, crooked teeth, broken tooth, dark gums, spots on teeth, tooth loss, excessive grinding or cavities and decay. Even individuals with severely impaired oral health can enjoy the benefits of a complete smile makeover.

A smile makeover can include any combination of cosmetic dentistry treatments.
Our smile makeover team can revitalise the health, appearance, and function of your teeth, and in the process, allow you to realise the smile of your dreams and the freedoms and joys that come with it. We specialise in cosmetic treatments and are uniquely equipped to design and implement a smile that will satisfy your needs and goals – let us design you a smile that will last a lifetime.

Transform your smile to WOW!

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Clear Aligners

Say good bye to metal mouth……..
Are you a public figure?
Do you feel shy wearing braces?
Are you a party lover, hates braces?
Are you fed up of having food with braces?
Do you want to get rid of painful ulcers?
Are you tired of going to orthodontist again and again?
If your answer is ‘YES’ then go for Clear Aligners.

Aligners are the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and achieve the smile you've always dreamed of, using advanced 3D computer-imaging technology. 

 Aligners are nearly invisible. No one can even notice that you’re wearing these virtually invisible aligners.

 Aligners allows you to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you even begin treatment so you can see how your teeth are expected to look when your treatment is complete.

A series of clear aligners are custom-made for your teeth to move them little by little. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next aligner. 

You can remove the aligners to brush and floss as you normally would for fresh breath and to maintain good oral hygiene which is not possible with traditional braces thereby resulting in poor oral hygiene, bad breath and cavities.

Unlike traditional fixed braces, there are no metal brackets or wires. This means one can get rid of painful ulcers and also less time is required at orthodontist for adjustments.

More than 3500000 patients worldwide have been treated with aligners. 

Aligners are made of strong medical grade thermoplastic material. The aligners are custom-made for you and fit snugly over your teeth.

Appointment intervals are generally  every 3 to 5 months to ensure the treatment is progressing as planned, if required. In many cases just single visit is enough.

Unlike traditional braces, you can eat whatever you like while in treatment because you can remove your aligners to eat and drink. Thus, there is no need to restrict  your favourite foods and snacks.

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Dental Implants - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to be allergic to implants?
Implants have been around for more than forty years. Over this period no reaction to titanium implants has been detected. The material has no allergenic components and is completely neutral in the body.

Is there a minimum age for implants?
Bone growth should be completed at the time of implant placement. It is generally complete at the age of 18. Girls generally finish growing somewhat earlier, boys are often later. In cases of doubt this can easily be checked by an X-ray.

Is an implant still advisable at an advanced age?
It is basically never too late to improve your quality of life with implants. The treatment is so low-risk that implants can be placed in people who are 70, 80 or even 90 years of age.

Will I be without teeth during the healing phase?
No. If you had a removable denture beforehand, in most cases you will be able to continue to use it after some minor adjustment. If you did not have a removable denture, the gap can be closed with a temporary denture. In some cases a temporary denture can even be fixed to the implants immediately. Very high-quality solutions, which are virtually identical to your final crowns and your natural teeth, are available for such long-term temporary dentures.

If I am a diabetic can I also have an implant?
Yes. However, you should be stable before implant treatment. Unstable or untreated diabetes may cause problems with the healing process. In case of doubt consult your diabetes specialist.

Are there any diseases that would prevent implant placement?
Not really, but if you suffer from a condition such as cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis, serious kidney damage, tendency to high blood pressure or an impaired immune system, you should inform.

Will the implant cause the metal detector to beep, such as during the security check at the airport?

No, no need to worry. Implants are not magnetic and they are also much too small for the detector to detect them. And even if the metal detector does beep and detect your implants, you will have your implant passport that will explain the problem quickly and without problems.

Could implants affect my pacemaker?
No. Implants have no electromagnetic effect. They pose no danger to the operation of your pacemaker.

Are there any interactions with medications?
This may be possible with specific medications. Cortisone, for example, can affect the metabolism and immune situation of the body in such a way as to cause problems with healing. Anticoagulation medications may cause serious hemorrhage during implant placement. If you take any medications regularly, you should tell the dentist during the initial consultation.

Are implants advisable for smokers?
The long-term success rate of implants can be adversely affected by smoking. Please describe your smoking habits in the initial consultation to allow the risk to be assessed accurately in your case.

Can I exercise normally after implant placement?
Movement is basically not a problem after implant placement. However, if you want to participate in vigorous exercise, discuss it with implant dentist first. He may recommend waiting a few days to avoid affecting the healing process.

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