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Teeth grinding and it's treatment


Excessive teeth grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaws is also called Bruxism. Most people probably grind and clench their teeth from time to time. Occasionally, teeth grinding does not harm teeth but regular basis teeth grinding damages teeth and also causes other oral health complications.

®     Causes of teeth grinding:  -



Abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth

Sleep disorder such as sleep apnea

®     Do I grind my teeth?

Teeth grinding usually occur at night, most of the people are unaware of their teeth grinding habit. However dull mood, headache, constant jaws pain, wearing of teeth and sounds during opening and closing of mouth is telltale symptoms of teeth grinding and sometimes many people learn it from their partner about teeth grinding.

®     How teeth grinding is harmful?

Teeth grinding or bruxism causes fracture, loosening of teeth and wearing off of the teeth .In chronic teeth grinding it may cause MPDS and TMJ disorders, and even can change your facial appearance.

®     Treatment for bruxism or teeth grinding: -

At Teeth Care Centre, a team of specialized working professionals and highly equipped with latest technology performs specialized care for patients who complaints of teeth grinding. Mouth guards are flexible transparent customizable trays to protect your teeth from night teeth grinding. If stress is the factor behind teeth grinding then attending stress counselling, starting an exercise program, seeing a physical therapist, or obtaining a prescription for muscle relaxants are among some of the options that may be offered. If a sleeping disorder is causing the grinding, then treating it may reduce or eliminate the grinding habit such as treatment for obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances like Tongue Retaining Devices which when worn during sleep, can prevent the collapse of tongue onto the air passage and provides an uninterrupted pathway for air to flow. In chronic teeth grinding case, full mouth reconstruction is indicated when there are multiple dental problems like poor facial appearance, lack of functionality and speech hindrances.

These appliances work wonders in treating bruxism so that it helps you to prevent further teeth attrition and also your partner in getting the sound sleep.


Black Triangle Correction


A black triangle is the space occurring between two teeth known as an embrasure, which is not completely filled by the gum tissue. This gap between gum and teeth creates the triangular space and it appears black as the darkness of the mouth is visible behind the teeth. A black triangle is not just an aesthetic problem but food and plaque accumulates, further plaque accumulation causes cavities and other severe problems like dental abscesses, etc.


Causes of black triangle:

·         Older age

·         Gum diseases and gingival recession

·         Malaligned teeth and diastema

·         Abnormal restoration and crown placement

Gum diseases are one of the most important factors in black triangle formation, such as

ü  Improper oral hygiene

ü  Tobacco chewer

ü  Pregnancy

ü  Diabetes

ü  Genetics

ü  Medications

ü  Crooked teeth, unable to brush properly

Black triangle can be corrected by dental professionals by interdisciplinary approach by orthodontic treatment or by maintenance of oral hygiene by regular dental visits in yearly basis and regular oral prophylaxis. Other approach also includes surgical and replacement of restoration by maintaining anatomic contours.

Teeth Care Centre
works in the field of aesthetic dentistry and restores the aesthetic and functionality to counteract the patient’s concern in terms of aesthetic and severe blow in self-confidence due to black triangle. The highly dignified and talented professionals perform veneers, composite bonding, invisalign treatment and gum surgery like papilla reconstruction, dermal fillers, gingival mask and hyaluronic acid.


Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full mouth rehabilitation / full mouth reconstruction is rebuilding or replacing all the damaged and problematic teeth in mouth with revised and augmented restoration or prosthesis, completely restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth, gums and jaws. A full mouth reconstruction is indicated when there are multiple dental problems like poor facial appearance, lack of functionality and speech hindrances.

Indications: -

·         Most common reason is to obtain and maintain the periodontal health of teeth.

·         Loss of vertical dimension in oral parafunctional habits such as grinding or clenching teeth        (bruxism), nail biting, finger sucking, chewing objects, abnormal craniocervical-facial posture.

·         Extensive dentistry, multiple missing teeth, worn out teeth due to fracture and decayed teeth, old fillings and decreased interocclusal space.

·         Discoloured teeth due fluorosis, hypoplastic enamel and dentin, discolouration due to medicines and oral habits like smoking and tobacco.

·         Esthetics, multiple decayed anterior teeth and missing teeth, gummy smile and improper shape and size of teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation requires team work and at Teeth Care Centre, we have team of specialized and highly experienced dentist, who suggest best treatment approach after detailed oral examination and detailed analysis of oral tissues with the cast, articulator and photographic analysis. It is one of the complex procedures, requiring the most artistic vision to restore the functional and natural appearance of teeth. Teeth Care Centre is equipped with latest technology for the precision and accuracy work and it forms the basis for the better treatment outcome.


Celebrity Smile


When you spot celebrities in magazine, ramp and TV screen, instantly get glued to the pearly perfect white set of teeth, shining in the spotlight. They call it Hollywood smile. For celebrities, TV actors’ actresses, pageant models starring in photographic events and big screen, it is important to have an eye-catching, trustworthy beautiful smile in their field of work. Without great smile, you simply can’t pull that off.

Many celebrities undergo smile designing for perfect smile, through cosmetic makeover for spotless teeth and beautiful smile.

Teeth Care Centre is leading celebrity dental clinic in Gujarat, we have team of skilled and experienced professional Dr. Pankti Patel, specialized in as cosmetic and laser dentist, providing our elite patients , a very supreme and dazzling superstar like smile of dreams and more natural-looking dental makeover. Teeth Care Centre has proved to be top-rated dental clinic with a long track record of successful treatment of celebrities, businessperson, ramp models, singers and politicians.

“We really can create virtually any smile a patient wants”.


Rotary Root Canal Procedures


Root canal treatment is procedure to save an infected tooth and damaged tooth instead of removing it. It includes cleaning of infected nerves from the pulp of tooth and sealing up the root and crown with artificial radio opaque material to stop further progression of tooth damage. It is a myth that root canal procedures are painful; in fact RCT lessens the pain by disinfecting the tooth. Initially, the tooth cleaning was done by hand instruments causing pain and comfort to patient along with improper removal of tooth pulp but due to advancements in technology the rotary RCT treatments done with electrically powered instrument replacing traditionally used stainless-steel hand instruments.

 Teeth Care Centre is well versed with the latest advances in the field of restorative dentistry and uses the most advanced techniques and ultramodern equipments for carrying out the root canal procedures. We have cutting edge technology, for the precision in cutting and guides the way towards the root canal apex with Apex Locator while performing the procedure .We also provide conscious sedation under experts to anxious and apprehensive patient,  to ensure that your entire treatment experience becomes pleasant and pain free.

We also provide root canal treatment using the loupes which aid in better magnification of the desired field and provide utmost precision while performing the root canal procedure and rubber dams to isolate the infected region, thus making it dry and free from salivary contamination. The latest RCT procedures are performed with lasers to ensure that your infected tooth becomes completely free from bacteria.


Pedodontics- Basic care of milky teeth


Milk teeth of baby are as important as permanent teeth. As soon as,  teeth in baby’s mouth erupts a proper hygiene should be maintained along with cleaning gums . Milk teeth are small, but they are important. They act as space holder for permanent teeth. With healthy set of teeth baby can have trouble-free chewing, speaking and smiling. That is why caring baby teeth and keeping them caries free is inevitable. According to ADA, the first visit to dental hospital should be within 1 year of life.

Caring for healthy gums:-

1. Use Clean moistened cotton to wipe the gums after milk feeding by mother of infant.

2.  Wipe the teeth and gums twice a day especially before bed time, as it will wash off all the bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Brushing baby’s teeth:-

1.       Use of soft bristle brush with small head and pea-sized toothpaste recommended by pediatrician, with assistance of mother baby’s teeth should be cleaned

2.       Fluoride is natural for children under recommended dosage. It strengthens and protects teeth against decay and provides extra protection.

Teeth Care Centre is performs fluoride application procedure according to child’s oral and dental situation. It is pain free procedure and takes just few minutes for application. We are striving towards keeping healthy teeth even in milk teeth. And that is exactly why we believe in ceasing dental infection even before its onset. Therefore it is advisable to undergo pit and fissure sealant application at regular intervals as and when the permanent teeth start erupting.


Oral Health Problems and Diabetes


Diabetes is disease that occurs when your blood glucose is too high, also called blood sugar. Sugar is main source of energy, if blood sugar is poorly controlled, oral health problems are, likely to develop.  As diabetes weakens White blood cells , the defense cells fighting against bacterial infections.

 Oral health problems associated to diabetes:-

A.    Dry mouth :- Decreased salivation further causes ulcers, soreness, infections and tooth decay.

B.     Gum inflammation and periodontal diseases  :- Red swollen and bleeding gums occurs due to increased blood sugar level along with loosening of tooth due to bone loss and bad breath, as enhanced bacterial colonization and infection due to toxins release.

C.     Candidiasis or Oral thrush  :-Fungal growth in mouth is very common in diabetic patient. Patches on tongue, gums and cheeks are seen.

D.    Burning sensation, bitter tastes are other symptoms.



How to prevent oral health problems in diabetes:-

People with diabetes are more prone to oral health problems, it’s vital to follow proper oral hygiene regime and regular visits to the dentist. In TeethCare Centre, we skilled and experienced dentist emphasize in awareness to patient and effective treatment for the gum diseases and other oral problems. The detailed diagnosis rectifies the underlying cause and directs treatment for concerned tooth and gum. A yearly oral prophylaxis , brushing twice a day, flossing and proper check in sugar intake   prevents the problem due to diabetes and a healthy oral health is maintained.


Importance of regular scaling.


How often do you visit for teeth cleaning to your Dentist?

Teeth cleaning is a procedure routinely performed, used to remove excessive tartar development, stains and other gum diseases. Due to eating habits, improper brushing technique and lifestyle leads to yellowing of teeth and staining. ADA recommends routine examination and teeth cleaning at least once a year. A tooth cleaning is known as Scaling.

Importance of scaling:-

·        Accomplishing healthy gums

·        Fresh breath

·        Radiant appearance (removal of plaque, calculus and tartar makes tooth brighter and shinier).

·         Preventions of severe health condition associated to gum diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Teeth Care Centre uses latest and most advanced set of dental instruments for teeth cleaning and polishing. We strictly abide by sterilization protocol for no contamination. The skilled and experienced dentist helps to keep check on growth of bacteria and gum diseases by patient’s regular visits for scaling.

Is scaling good for teeth? Yes, It is imperative to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice in a year to achieve clean teeth and healthier gums.



Why regular visits are important in pediatric dentistry?


Do you know, the first dental visit to dentist should be within 1st year of life? As soon as, the kid has teeth, a dental visit is must, as consistent visit adds to knowledge of good dental hygiene and child becomes familiar to dental hospital.

A Pediatric dentist is child specialist for dental treatment. As soon as child gets first tooth in mouth bacterial colonization increases , tooth decay may increase due to improper cleaning after every meal. Early dental checkups detect tooth decay and other problems, which may cause other medical issues. Child visiting to dental hospital taught about brushing habits and proper technique and tooth decay can be reduced


1. Proper guidance to child and parents about oral hygiene of child.

2. Understanding the importance of flossing and tongue cleaning.

3. During child’s growth years, proper treatment for irregular, crooked, retained teeth and smile designing treatment can be done.

4. Aesthetically appealing smile increases self-esteem and boost confidence in teenage children as, peer pressure is high.

5. Healthy smile leads to healthy mind.

TEETH CARE CENTRE is team of professionals who guide you for proper oral hygiene since birth of child and proper treatment along with patient education by visuals and demo lesson, as healthier future for every child and every child deserves a healthy smile.


Oral Surgery- how can be tooth extraction painless?


Complete removal of one or more teeth from socket is called extraction.

Teeth Care Centre has a team of oral surgeons to perform surgeries according to various complexities with continuous advancement of latest technology, use of painless injections with extremely thin needles, local anesthetic gel, laser for  minimum invasive bloodless surgeries, world class suture materials and stringent 7 step sterilization protocol that meets ADA and CDC GUIDELINES.

We impart conscious sedation for calm and comfortable extraction as patient’s ease and comfort is our top most priority.


Cosmetic- Smile Makeover

A beautiful radiant smile is the key to anyone’s heart. Your smile is the proof of your amiability and competence.

Maligned, malformed, crooked or yellowish teeth often make you self conscious and bring embarrassment. It’s no secret that a bad smile because of the bad teeth impacts in creating a bad personality and can affect one in various social issues like getting a job, marriage etc.

This is where smile makeover comes to the rescue. A smile makeover not only overhauls your aesthetic issue, but also fixes your overall oral health. 

Teeth Care Centre, our specialized doctors and cosmetic  dentist have successfully treated number of dental defects like discolored teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth, chipped teeth, gummy smile and misshapen teeth with smile makeover. All our procedures are painless and anxiety free ensuring maximum patient comfort and satisfaction.


Pedodontics- Conscious Sedation


Sedation dentistry is the procedure where medications are used to send the patient in a state of calm and relaxation. These drugs are either inhaled or swallowed or injected, depending upon the type of sedation. Sedation dentistry works as a boon for petrified patients and in cases with long and painful dental procedures.

Sadly, a large number of population feel anxious and fearful while visiting a dentist. Some even have panic attacks at the dental office. This forbids them from getting the treatments they need. Minor dental problem get converted into big complications and results in severe degradation of the oral health because of avoiding dental visits out of fear and nervousness. Sedation dentistry helps patients relax during their dental visits and enables them to get the treatments they deserve. Sedation dentistry also helps in long, complex and conglomerate surgical procedures by making the patient comfortable and relaxed during the treatment with minimal to zero pain sensations.

Teeth Care Centre, we provide the most safest and convenient form of dental sedation, the world’s no.1 Matrx brand of nitrous oxide as conscious sedation. No pills or injections are used. A mask is placed over the nose and nitrous oxide gas is passed through it. As you begin to breathe in the gas, you slowly drift off into a stress-free state. Minimal to zero pain is felt during this phase, and sometimes you may easily fall asleep. But you will be able to respond to the dentist’s command. The effect of the gas wears off as soon as the mask is taken off. You will gain full consciousness immediately. Sedation through nitrous oxide has no side effects and it’s safe for both children and adults. It is most commonly used for those who experience anxiety while undergoing dental treatments. This form of conscious sedation relieves them of all the fear and apprehension. Our chief dentist, Dr Pankti Patel is highly trained and certified to perform conscious sedation, so that you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

With conscious sedation, we strive to render a painless and anxiety free treatment experience for you and your family.


Implant- Success rate of Implant


A dental implant is a surgical component which interfaces with the jawbone in order to support the dental prosthesis such as a crown, a bridge or a denture. Brand of a dental implant matters a lot for the success and prognosis of the treatment. Osseo-integration ratio is very high in top implant brands so there are less chances of failure. A good implant brand also includes variety of other factors such as production methods, their material, design and surface treatment which is essential for good bio-compatibility with hard and soft tissue. There are wider choices of fitting abutments and prosthesis to suit patient’s unique requirements. The support is provided in almost every part of the world. Reputable brands plough a lot of money in high level research work so that it can provide innovative products for long term clinical predictability and more successful outcomes. Success rate of implant is more than 95% for single teeth and close to 100% for implant bridges.

At #
Teeth Care Centre, implant planning software called nobel guide is being used which is the amalgamation of diagnosis, treatment planning and to prepare 3D surgical guide with CAD/CAM technology. Our guided implant implant surgeries are precise, highly accurate and render maximum patient satisfaction. We practice implant surgeries with the Nobel Biocare implant which is the oldest brands used in dental worldwide. It is Swiss in origin and is no 1. In dental implant industry.

Oral Surgery- Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which erupt in your mouth during late teens or early twenties. As long as these teeth erupt straight, they do not cause any problem or discomfort. However if these teeth erupt sideways, partially or remain trapped within the gums, they may cause lot of complications and may require surgical intervention.

When wisdom tooth fails to erupt or push through into the mouth, it is referred to as impacted wisdom tooth. It can be either fully enclosed beneath the gums or be partially exposed into the mouth. Since wisdom teeth are last to erupt, sometimes there may be inadequate amount of space for them to erupt into the mouth. This results in development of tilted, angled or crooked wisdom tooth, which if not removed can be troublesome in the long run. Impacted wisdom tooth may crowd other teeth and may cause pain, swelling around jaw, red or swollen gums, tender or bleeding gums, jaw pain, bad breath, unpleasant taste in mouth or difficulty opening  mouth. Sometimes they may also cause infections and lead to the development of cysts and tumors. Incompletely erupted teeth can lead to pocket formation where food, bacterial plaque and calculus tend to collect. This results in the cavity formation which may spread to the neighbouring teeth and cause their decay. Moreover, wisdom teeth which do not erupt may move in the direction of the adjacent tooth roots and thereby cause resorption by exerting pressure on them. Therefore it is imperative to get rid of wisdom teeth which do not erupt straight in the mouth.

TeethCareCentre have competent and skillful oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is proficient in wisdom tooth extraction. Our team of dental professionals will thoroughly examine and evaluate the position and condition of your wisdom teeth through clinical examination and 2D or 3D X-rays, in order to determine the right treatment plan and safe surgery for you. The entire procedure of wisdom tooth removal is carried out under local anesthesia with high-tech instrument  in order to ensure a pain free and comfortable dental experience. We also provide the option of conscious sedation for anxious and apprehensive patients.  Moreover, we also render wisdom tooth extractions using dental laser for blood free dental treatment.


Importance of regular Scaling

 Teeth cleaning is the thorough professional cleaning of the teeth in order to remove dental plaque and tartar accumulated on tooth surfaces which otherwise cannot be removed by normal brushing.

Polishing further removes the stains and minor imperfections on the teeth , giving visibly shinier and brighter teeth after every visit.

Cleaning and polishing from our skilled and experienced team of dental  professionals, injects a new life into your smile by removing excessive dental plaque and tartar accumulated on the teeth which otherwise serves as a nutritive medium for bacteria which in turn are responsible for causing caries, gingivitis and various gum diseases.

It is imperative to get your teeth professionally cleaned bi-annually in order to achieve cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

The latest and most advanced set of dental instruments used at #TeethCareCentre for cleaning and polishing procedure are certain to make your overall dental experience pleasant, more comfortable and painless. Professional cleaning and polishing will keep a check on growth of bacteria and prevent gum diseases and eliminate any further chances of potential tooth loss.

Therefore it is advisable to take essential steps to curb bacterial proliferation in the mouth.


Black Triangle Correction

 Black Triangle is the unsightly triangular space present at the base between the two teeth where the gums have receded. It appears black as the darkness of the mouth is visible behind the teeth.. Presence of this triangular space is annoying since there is formation of bubbles while talking and one can constantly feel the air passage between the teeth. This can impose a severe blow on ones self confidence and make you look older.  

At #TeethCareCentre we provide number of treatment options to prevent food lodgement and restore the lost aesthetics.

Some of the commonly used treatment modalities are Invisalign, Composite Bonding, Veneers, Gum Surgery, Dermal Fillers, Gingival Masks, Bioclear Method, Hyaluronic Acid, Papilla Reconstruction.

Correction of black triangle will completely change your smile and inject new ray of self confidence in you.


Periodontics- Gum Depigmentation

 Gum Depigmentation also known as gum bleaching is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to lighten or remove black spots or patches on the gums consisting of melanin.

The most common cause of darker pigments in the gums is genetics. Excess melanin can build up in the gums, making them look brown or black instead of pink. The extra pigment doesn't indicate any disease or dysfunction. Patients seek treatment because of aesthetic preference for pink gums that showcase their teeth better. 

#Teeth Care Centre being the pioneer in using latest technologies has incorporated worlds no. 1 dental laser, bio-lase Epic X which is worlds leading innovator in dental lasers. Owing to its non-invasive nature, surgeries performed with laser tend to heal much faster and pain-free. It is the best treatment option available for people afraid of going under knife.


Oral Surgery- Cyst Removal

 Cyst is the sac of tissue filled with fluid or some tissue. Some cysts develop around the root tip while some are formed around un-erupted or partially erupted teeth. These cysts sometimes can cause exfoliation of adjacent teeth so to prevent it, surgical intervention is necessary.

At #TeethCareCentre we have highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon who performs this surgery with utmost precision. In order to make surgery bloodless and to remove chance of re-infection, we also provide option of laser application which eliminates any chances of infection and leaves you with a smile you always deserved.


Prosthodontics- Full Mouth Rehabilitation

 Full Mouth Rehabilitation refers to rebuilding or replacing all the damaged and problematic teeth in the mouth with revised and augmented restorations or prosthesis which results in fully functional and aesthetically pleasing teeth, gums and jaws.

At #TeethCareCentre, our best dentist in Ahmedabad will suggest the best treatment possible which resolves all your concerns through examination and evaluation. Being an award winning clinic, we are equipped with latest technology which provides treatment with utmost satisfaction. It is a complex procedure which requires team approach to restore your smile to full health and beauty. #MakingSmileIncredible

Implant-Success rate of implant


Dental Implant is a metal frame or post which replaces the missing teeth when surgically positioned into the jaw bone.

#TeethCareCentre which is one of the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad performs the implant surgery with the help of Computer Guided Software and 3D imaging which allows our Implantologist to place implants in precise location leading to accuracy, better prognosis, less pain and reduces the chance of Implant failure. Detailed treatment planning beforehand helps to reduce or eliminate unexpected errors during surgery. Often the time required for implant surgery can be substantially reduced which is of great benefit to the patient. #MakingSmileIncredible

Periodontics- Gum Infection


Gums or Gingiva consists of mucosal tissue that covers the neck of the tooth. Healthy gums are generally pink in color.

Due to not maintaining oral hygiene, food and plaque gets trapped between the gums and teeth resulting into accumulation of bacterial infection causing gingivitis. Gingivitis is nothing but the inflammation of gums. If not taken seriously, it converts into periodontitis. Periodontitis generally leads to mobility of teeth resulting into tooth loosening.

At #TeethCareCentre, we use Ultrasonic scaler machine- Satelec from France which works efficiently to remove the tartar from the teeth and below the gum line.

Biolase Laser Machine from U.S.A is utilized at our clinic to reduce bacterial infection and to remove inflamed gum tissue by keeping the procedure painless and bleeding free. #MakingSmileIncredible.