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What is Laser Teeth Whitening ?

Everyone dreams of that blinding white smile that could impress anyone in seconds.And with advances in dentistry,getting those blinding white teeth has become all the way more easy.
This can be achieved by
1)Ambulatory Method : wherein bleaching procedures are performed at home using set of dental trays and bleaching agent or
2)In Office Bleaching : wherein bleaching procedures are performed by cosmetic dentists.This teeth whitening procedure is performed using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide and lasers ,to bleach out the stains and any sort of discoloration. It usually takes about an hour to see the results.
However this laser teeth whitening procedure is not for people with severe tooth problems and abnormalities or receding gums.So it is necessary to undergo the screening procedure to know if you are an ideal candidate for laser whitening or not.

Laser Teeth Whitening is the ideal procedure for teeth whitening as it provides visible results in almost an hour. It is the fastest method of attaining pearly white teeth.The laser light used in the teeth whitening procedure speeds the chemical reaction in the bleaching agent applied on the teeth.This in turn removes slightest of stains and helps in achieving spotless white teeth. However, the results are temporary and there are chances of re-staining the teeth. So it is important to prevent re-staining by tea ,coffee or other staining agents.

Why Teeth Care Centre ?

We at Teeth Care Centre known to provide the best laser dental treatment in Ahmedabad.This is why we have introduced the latest laser BIOLASE.This latest technology laser performs teeth whitening procedures 2 times faster than the regular whitening lasers.That is why we are known for best teeth whitening treatment in Ahmedabad. So don't hold back , get that dazzling white smile from the best dentist in Ahmedabad Dr.Pankti Patel

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Is Root Canal Treatment Possible With Lasers ?

Everyone has experienced tooth problem of some sort atleast once in their lifetime. Most of these problems arise due to infection in the tooth. Major tooth damage leads to its extraction , while moderate and minor damage is often treated by undergoing root canal treatment . Root Canal treatment plays a major role in saving the affected teeth . Majority of the infected tooth portion is removed during root canal treatment and the nerve connected to the infected tooth is removed . As a result the tooth structure is preserved from further damage. But patients are often taken aback on hearing about term  'root canal treatment . This is because of some sort of pain and discomfort caused during the procedure.

The traditional method of root canal involves the use of files and drills during the treatment to remove the infected tissue. The sound of the drills usually scares the patient and creates a sense of discomfort .But with advances in technology, laser is incorporated in the root canal treatment . The use of lasers has proved to be better choice than drills and files. Laser is found to be more bactericidal than the latter two. The laser light gets rid of all the debris and infectious portion with greater accuracy and thus helps in preserving the tooth structure. It is less invasive procedure and therefore causes less bleeding and inflammation. This reduces the overall patient discomfort and is therefore more preferable than the traditional method. So next time if you advised to go for a root canal treatment , don't hesitate, just go for it. As it is does not cause pain , it 'relieves' it.

Why Teeth Care Centre ?
Teeth Care Centre is one of the best dental clinic in  Ahmedabad .We have a team of 15 experienced doctors specialized in different branches of dentistry . Our chief dentist , Dr.Pankti Patel over 10 years of experience and expertises in cosmetic as well as restorative procedures . We are known to deliver the best dental service in town . So book your appointment now !
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Do you have a Gummy Smile ?

You have a gummy smile if large portion of your gums is evident when you smile or laugh. This often leads to lower self esteem amongst individuals with such smiles. It not only makes them self conscious but also hinders their self confidence to a great extent.
 Gummy smile is caused by a number of reasons like abnormal teeth eruption , improper development of upper jaw, short upper lip,enlarged gingiva or hyperactivity of muscles of upper lip.

Fortunately ,there are a number of treatment options available which are a boon to the people with gummy smiles. The treatment option however depends on the underlying cause.Some of the treatment options available are as follows
  1) Gingivectomy : This procedure involves removal of excessive portions of the gums and recontouring the gingival margins
 2)Botox Injections: Sometimes the excessive elevation of the upper lip leads to the exposure of larger portion of gums while smiling or laughing. Such problems are resolved by giving botox injections in the upper lip to reduce the elevation of elevator muscles of upper lip and wing of the nose.This procedure is however temporary and lasts upto 3 to 6 months
 3)Dental Lasers: This is the best treatment option available for people afraid of going under the knife. It uses lasers for recontouring the gingival margins .

Why Teeth Care Centre?
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What is cosmetic direct bonding??

When we build up the crown with the help of composite that is cosmetic direct bonding there are two types of bonding to correct the smile.
First is cosmetic indirect bonding in which we grind the tooth from facial surface then we take measurement of that and tooth is being prepared in laboratory then we place inside the mouth with help of bonding cement, that are called as porcelain veneers. It creates smooth surface and plaque adhere less on the surfaces easy to maintain. but it consumes time and expensive process
Second method is cosmetic direct bonding in which we do simile correction with the help of composite. In office process it is time saving  and immediate correction but the drawback of this is it tend to stain more and more chances of chipping; and for bigger diastema composite direct bonding is not helpful cannot be used. Plaque adherence could be there if properly not smoothed
. Cosmetic Direct bonding require skills to perform
Our chief dentist dr pankti patel has over of decade experience in cosmetic dentistry. she has done her fellowship in laser dentistry from Germany . She renders best services to patients at her utmost priority. She has excellent hand skills and a very friendly dentist for more information please visit our official website

How can be tooth extraction painless?

Tooth extraction can be painless mainly by these major:-
Local anesthesia forms the major part of pain control technique in dentistry. Local anesthesia also represents the safest and most effective drugs in all of medicine for the prevention and management of pain. Lidnocaine is the most widely used agent as local aesthetic in general dentistry. Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth during treatment by blocking the nerves that sense or transmit pain which numbs your mouth
Topical anesthetics are also there which relive topical pain sensation. By apply topically in gel form or spray form to soothe injection pain, painful mouth sore or for scaling process
And for those patients who have higher level of anxiousness or undergoing more complex extraction like third molar or twisted root extraction is required general anesthesia sedation to relive anxiety levels
General anesthesia is applied in three ways by inhalation of gas – nitrous oxide, by oral by taking pill, intravenous injection injecting anesthesia to relive anxiety and pain both
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What to choose- pfm crown or zirconia crown??

Crown- crowns are fixed prosthesis. if your tooth is cracked or has a decay dental crown can help to restore it.

P.F.M crowns- porcelain fused metal crowns are those crowns in which upper layer is made up of porcelain and inner layer is of metal they stick together to form crown. Metal is there to give strength to the crown. It require minimum expertise to place P.F.M crowns they have structural durability but they show black visible line at gingival margin which is not that bad in posteriors but they do consider not good in anterior and these crown cheap off easily but that is repairable also. P.F.M crowns requires more crown cutting in comparison to zirconia . in P.F.M crowns marginal leakage means saliva or food is going beneath the crown producing tooth sensitivity. But they are budget friendly

Zirconia Crowns- zirconia crowns are more resistant to masticatory forces and are highly corrosion free.  Least reduction of tooth is required. Zirconia is a natural metal found in the nature.  Zirconia crowns blends in with the natural teeth in aesthetics. In zirconia crowns we can create enamel translucency as natural tooth but the major drawback of zirconia crowns that beneath tooth decay can’t be detected at once .for that we have to remove crown. In zirconia crowns least tooth sensitivity found because they are made by digital technology and they are extremely precise. least post operative time required to deliver the tooth to patient .plaque didn’t get adhere on crown surface because of their smoothness.  

In teeth care centre we use highly efficenct materials and instruments and teeth care centre is highly equipped with latest technology. dr. Pankti Patel,l our chief dentist has over of decade experience in cosmetic dentistry. in Ahmedabad, our clinic delivers world class facility to people. Patient satisfaction is our utmost priority.

what are basal implants?

Basal implantology is also known as cortical implantology. Basal dental implantology is a progressive branch of prosthetic dentistry that deals with employing the basal cortical portion of the jaw bones for retaining the dental implants which are uniquely designed to be accommodated in the basal cortical bone regions.
Our teeth are placed in the alveolar bone, also known as the crestal bone of the jaw. These are the less denser portion of the jaw. Once the teeth are lost, the crestal bone starts to recede and undergo bone resorption. The bone that remains after all the gradual loss of bone structure is known as the basal bone. Basal bone is less prone to infections and resorption. It is very dense and corticalized and provides excellent support and better retention to the implants. Conventional implants are placed in the crestal bone which might give a compromised stability and support but the dental basal bones provides an improved support.

TCC has a team of well trained doctors, specializing in various fields of Dentistry, including Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  Dr. Pankti Patel, our Chief Dentist thoroughly evaluates the patient before arriving at a treatment plan. Also, TCC employs the best brand of implants, Nobel Biocare that is employed worldwide by quality dentists.
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What is gum depigmentation?

The epithelium of gingiva contains cells called melanocytes. These cells are responsible for melanin pigmentation, which is seen as black spots or patches on the gum surface. Certain medicines, systemic diseases and habits like smoking can also cause gum depigmentation. Darkening of gums can also occur due to some gum diseases like ‘trench mouth’
Gum depigmentation, also called gum bleaching, is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to lighten and remove black spots and patches on the gum caused by melanin. 

Procedures used for gum depigmentation
Mainly 2 techniques are employed – laser and surgical

Laser : Dental laser targets melanocytes and ablates them, which in turn reduces the production of melanocytes. Similar to laser skin resurfacing, laser gum depigmentation destroys the top most layer of gums. This lightens the gums and gives them the natural pink colour. Treatment with laser ablation is minimally invasive and most effective. The healing time is speedy as well and patient discomfort is minimal.


In earlier days, surgical procedures were employed for gum lightening. Scalpels and rotary tools were used to physically abrade the gums. This method is more painful, more invasive and also more expensive.
Lasers are always superior to surgical depigmentation methods.

Before starting the treatment, your doctor may advice you deep cleaning and administer antibiotic drugs to rid off any persisting gum infections.

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