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What is gum depigmentation?

The epithelium of gingiva contains cells called melanocytes. These cells are responsible for melanin pigmentation, which is seen as black spots or patches on the gum surface. Certain medicines, systemic diseases and habits like smoking can also cause gum depigmentation. Darkening of gums can also occur due to some gum diseases like ‘trench mouth’
Gum depigmentation, also called gum bleaching, is a cosmetic dental procedure performed to lighten and remove black spots and patches on the gum caused by melanin. 

Procedures used for gum depigmentation
Mainly 2 techniques are employed – laser and surgical

Laser : Dental laser targets melanocytes and ablates them, which in turn reduces the production of melanocytes. Similar to laser skin resurfacing, laser gum depigmentation destroys the top most layer of gums. This lightens the gums and gives them the natural pink colour. Treatment with laser ablation is minimally invasive and most effective. The healing time is speedy as well and patient discomfort is minimal.


In earlier days, surgical procedures were employed for gum lightening. Scalpels and rotary tools were used to physically abrade the gums. This method is more painful, more invasive and also more expensive.
Lasers are always superior to surgical depigmentation methods.

Before starting the treatment, your doctor may advice you deep cleaning and administer antibiotic drugs to rid off any persisting gum infections.

 Dr. Pankti Patel, our Chief Dentist specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry and is well versed in the field. She had over a decade of work experience. We employ Biolase Laser Ablation which is one of the best brands employed in countries like the United States of America. The procedure conducted by our efficient team of doctors is painless, hassle free and exceptional. To know more about Dr. Pankti Patel :

How do flouride help prevent dental caries?

How do fluorides help preventing dental caries ?

What are fluorides ?

Fluoride is a naturally existing material found in earth’s crust. Traces of fluorides are also found in water and certain foods. Fluoride is intentionally added in drinking water and tooth pastes to provide protection against dental decays

How does it work?

·         Hardens the enamel layer of baby and adult teeth before and after eruption
·         Saliva contains acid which combined with sugar, demineralises and dissolves the calcium and phosphorus in tooth. Dental fluorides helps in remineralisation of calcium and phosphorous and thus helps in strengthening the teeth

How is dental fluoride application done ?

Dental fluoride is topically applied onto the surface of teeth in gel, foam or varnish forms. Fluoride content here is much higher to that found in water and tooth pastes. Fluoride application effectively decreases the incidence of dental cavities in children to up to 95%. The treatment is completely painless and very easy. Some dental fluorides are also incorporated with artificial added flavours for children.  Fluoride application is recommended for children aged 6 months to 16 years.
Too much of fluoride can cause fluorosis. Flurosis simply means staining of teeth, so its always recommended to talk to your pediatric dentist regarding fluoride intake and application for your children.

Patient comfort and satisfaction is our primary goal here at teeth care centre. We give the same importance to our adult patients as well as our little visitors. Our clinic is extremely child friendly. Our certified team of doctors include pediatric dentists also, who will render the best care to your child and their pearly whites
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Most of us have a notion that the milky teeth do not play a role in the permanent dentition. In contrast, the primary/ milky teeth decide the fate of the permanent teeth. Therefore, in case of trauma to the milky teeth, concrete steps are to be taken to treat it. Trauma could be due to accidental or any other reasons.

If an uncomplicated  crown fracture occurs, a filling would suffice. But, if it involves the nerve of the tooth, pulpotomy/pulpectomy, wherein the root canal of the tooth is treated, has to be performed. If not taken care of, the infection might spread to the permanent successor. In case of intrusion of the primary(milky) tooth due to an injury/trauma, it has to be extruded in order to prevent damage to the developing permanent tooth bud. If the root is fractured, extraction is indicated in order to avoid the spread of infection to the permanent successor. Followed by the extraction, and depending upon the age of the patient, space has to be maintained with the space maintaining appliances. When a tooth is avulsed, which is complete displacement from the socket, it has to kept in storage media like milk, coconut water or egg white and immediately visit the dentist, who would carry out replantation of the avulsed tooth, if possible.
Why Teeth Care Centre?
Teeth Care Centre Dental Hospital, Satellite , Ahmedabad has an effulgent team of paediatric dentists. Dr. Pankti Patel, our chief Dentist not only carries out thorough examination and precise treatment with pain management, but is well versed in managing the paediatric patients. We follow stringent sterilization which is especially crucial to children as they are prone to infections more than the adults.


What is a fixed dental implant bridge prosthesis?

Fixed dental implant bridge prosthesis is employed in full mouth or partial mouth rehabilitation, wherein the prosthesis is permanently cemented to restore/replace missing teeth.
What is a removable dental prosthesis?
Removable dental prosthesis is used to replace missing teeth and can be removed by the patient as and when required.
What are the drawbacks of Removable dentures?
Removable dentures are unstable, at times. Also, primarily, food consumption becomes a major concern. With time, these dentures lose their fit and have to be replaced.  Bone loss is accelerated due to the forces exerted by the denture, resulting in loose dentures. Also, due to bone shrinkage, the distance between the nose and chin reduces leading to deterioration of the facial features.
Moreover, aesthetically this prosthesis is not so pleasing. The acrylic used to resemble natural gums hardly does justice and the aesthetics is compromised, resulting in lowered self confidence.
Why dental Implants?
Dental implants are fixed to the living jawbone, providing support and hence there is no bone loss. It hardly takes approximately 4 implants for rehabilitation of the upper/lower jaw. This is because of the firm anchorage these implants offer. The concern about loose or ill-fitting denture is eliminated. Also, implants resemble natural teeth, unlike the removable dentures. Therefore, aesthetics is not compromised, resulting in an increased self confidence.
Moreover, there is no discomfort while consumption of food. Thus, their aesthetics as well as function resemble natural teeth.
Generally they last longer than the removable dentures; frequent replacement is not necessary.
What are the drawbacks of fixed prosthesis?
The only drawback is that they are little expensive as compared to removable dental prosthesis.
Why Teeth Care Centre?
Dr. Pankti Patel, our Chief Dentist at Teeth Care Centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad employs the best implant brands ( Nobel Biocare) that are used worldwide so that follow-up visits become hassle free. Moreover, we at Teeth Care Centre also carry out Re-implant procedures and have an exceptionally skilled team of doctors.


Dental veneer is a layer of material which is placed over the surface of tooth in order to improve aesthetics and protect the surface of tooth from damage. Composite or porcelain is used in a dental veneer. Full veneer crowns are used to cover all the tooth surfaces whereas laminate veneers are used only to cover a surface of tooth for aesthetic purposes.
What are the indications of a veneer?
1.      When a tooth has been fractured or discoloured, a veneer crown is given, following restoration.
2.      When a patient has small teeth, veneers might be required when orthodontic correction seems to be difficult.
3.      When teeth have been worn out, veneers are recommended to increase the strength and aesthetics of the teeth.

What are the advantages of a dental veneer?
1.      It helps to increase the level of confidence in otherwise under confident patients with a not-so-aesthetic smile, by enhancing their smile.
2.      The tooth cutting in case of veneers is minimal; hence most of the tooth structure is preserved.
3.      As veneers are moulded according to an individual’s requirements, shade selection and other criteria are taken into account which makes the prepared tooth indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dr. Pankti Patel, our chief Dentist at Teeth Care Centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad is well versed in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry. We employ long lasting veneers and  veneers( Ivoclar- Liechtenstein) that are used worldwide. Moreover, the diagnosis and the treatment plan are decided only after thorough evaluation, both clinical and radiographic. Also, we at TCC employ ultramodern techniques and equipments for the same.

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What are Ultramodern X-ray Units?

An ultramodern Dental set up equipped with latest and upgraded technologies and skilled professionals is the core of patient satisfaction. One such factor is the X- ray units, which are crucially important for patient diagnosis and the predictable treatment outcome or the prognosis.
There are a number of dental clinics and hospitals employing economical and outdated AC X ray units. The major drawback of these outdated systems is that it causes 150 times more radiation exposure which adversely affects the patient’s health.  Radiation exposure in excess can cause deleterious effects, like damaging the healthy cells in the body. Another drawback is the poor quality images which ultimately affects the diagnosis.

 Dr. Nirav Patel and Dr. Pankti Patel at Teeth Care centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad, employ Ultramodern Carestream DC X-ray unit from Canada. The highlight of this upgraded X-ray unit is that, it reduces radiation exposure up to 90%, thus preventing the patient from health hazards. Another advantage is the intuitive design delivering high quality images having sharp contrast which leads to precise diagnosis and ultimately precise treatment. Moreover, it is not cumbersome like the outdated X- ray units. Also, it includes the film as well as digital radiography systems.  We aim at providing services along with taking into consideration the hazards and side effects that might prove to be deleterious to a patient’s health.  

What to Consider When Selecting a Laser Dentist

Ask your doctor dentist few questions about laser education and training. Also try to ask whether your dentist has incorporated in any educational workshops, courses. There are many dental colleges, Institutions and the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) offer dental laser education. Let me brief you Dr Pankti Patel who is chief dentist of Teeth care centre, obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru. She has been awarded with Diploma in Laser Dentistry from IALD-RWTH Aachen University, Germany. She has been extensively trained for Advanced Implant Prosthodontics, Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Contemporary Comprehensive Dentistry under Dr. Ali. She is also been trained for Porcelain Veneers under Dr. Galip Gurel, Turkey. For her Academic Memberships and Achievements please visit

At Teeth Care Centre We understand how important your teeth are to your health, it boosts up your self-confidence, personality. In our practice at Teeth Care Centre, dental professionals Team spends quality time with each patient finding out what problems you have, guides you and customize treatments to meet individual needs accordingly. We are pioneer in bringing innovative technologies in Market. We have introduced Advanced Laser Technology with the latest tool in our clinic. We Aim to give our patients, the world best treatment options with the latest equipments and promise to continue the same. We commit you that you won't be disappointed for choosing us for your dental care. Our laser dentists will guide you with the best possible solutions and we make you trust that you will exclusively be satisfied with the quality of dentistry received from us.

Laser Dentistry is an advanced Technology System in dentistry is expanding in developed countries and  is very much useful in various dental conditions. We think Laser Technology is an asset to Dentistry and our exclusive analysis on Laser Treatments is putting us on Top of Dentistry World. Dentists at Teeth Care Centre educated themselves and keep full knowledge about use of lasers so that we can maximize the number of procedures through laser technology.


Teeth Whitening is an integral part of the Cosmetic Branch of Dentistry. Basically, Teeth whitening is referred to as an alteration of the natural shade of teeth or alteration of a shade that has been developed as a result of extrinsic or intrinsic factors (Due to Tea, Coffee, Soda, Red Wine etc). It is whitening beyond the shade that already exists.

In-Office Bleach:
Followed by a thorough diagnosis the dental professional uses a shade guide in order to determine the efficacy of the whitening procedure. A protective layer painted on the gums, and thus prevents chemical burns, or any other damage to the oral mucosa. The bleaching agents employed are Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide.
At-Home Bleach:
The dental professional supplies the patient with a set of trays which are to utilized by the patient at home, as per the instructions given by the Dentist.  

Only qualified dental professionals are eligible for carrying out this procedure. A number of beauty salons and healthcare clinics conduct the procedure, without taking into consideration, the legal aspects.
We, at Teeth Care Centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad have a team of certified Doctors. Dr. Pankti Patel, our Chief Dentist, who also specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry carries out In-Office as well as supplies the patients with products/services for At-Home Bleach, along with a team of skilled and qualified staff members, employing the latest technology used in the United States of America and other developed and flourishing countries and following International standards. 

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