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How can be tooth extraction painless?

Tooth extraction can be painless mainly by these major:-
Local anesthesia forms the major part of pain control technique in dentistry. Local anesthesia also represents the safest and most effective drugs in all of medicine for the prevention and management of pain. Lidnocaine is the most widely used agent as local aesthetic in general dentistry. Local anesthesia is a type of anesthetic used to prevent pain in a specific area of your mouth during treatment by blocking the nerves that sense or transmit pain which numbs your mouth
Topical anesthetics are also there which relive topical pain sensation. By apply topically in gel form or spray form to soothe injection pain, painful mouth sore or for scaling process
And for those patients who have higher level of anxiousness or undergoing more complex extraction like third molar or twisted root extraction is required general anesthesia sedation to relive anxiety levels
General anesthesia is applied in three ways by inhalation of gas – nitrous oxide, by oral by taking pill, intravenous injection injecting anesthesia to relive anxiety and pain both
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What to choose- pfm crown or zirconia crown??

Crown- crowns are fixed prosthesis. if your tooth is cracked or has a decay dental crown can help to restore it.

P.F.M crowns- porcelain fused metal crowns are those crowns in which upper layer is made up of porcelain and inner layer is of metal they stick together to form crown. Metal is there to give strength to the crown. It require minimum expertise to place P.F.M crowns they have structural durability but they show black visible line at gingival margin which is not that bad in posteriors but they do consider not good in anterior and these crown cheap off easily but that is repairable also. P.F.M crowns requires more crown cutting in comparison to zirconia . in P.F.M crowns marginal leakage means saliva or food is going beneath the crown producing tooth sensitivity. But they are budget friendly

Zirconia Crowns- zirconia crowns are more resistant to masticatory forces and are highly corrosion free.  Least reduction of tooth is required. Zirconia is a natural metal found in the nature.  Zirconia crowns blends in with the natural teeth in aesthetics. In zirconia crowns we can create enamel translucency as natural tooth but the major drawback of zirconia crowns that beneath tooth decay can’t be detected at once .for that we have to remove crown. In zirconia crowns least tooth sensitivity found because they are made by digital technology and they are extremely precise. least post operative time required to deliver the tooth to patient .plaque didn’t get adhere on crown surface because of their smoothness.  

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