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How improper cosmetic treatment affects mental health?


A smile can uplift one’s confidence or can leave you with embarrassment and low self-esteem. Mis-aligned, crooked, missing and yellowish stained teeth can be the matter of awkwardness socially and personally. After lots of social campaigns by dentist and health care, now individuals prioritize the teeth and gums instead of ignorance and delays in treatment. But now there have been incidents of mental health issues after improper or misguided treatment. Mental health can be severely affected if the expectations are very high of patients’ or the treatment plan by dentist goes wrong.

A person undergone with wrong treatment and with outcomes far from the treatment plan goes into depression due to end result, financial loss and irreversible treatment.

It is important to know the difference between general dentist and cosmetic dentist (specialist of cosmetic treatment and smile makeover), the machinery and armamentarium used by dentist for the treatment plan before the treatment starts and mock up of treatment so that the patient’s expectation can be met.

Teeth Care Centre practices the cosmetic dentistry with the highest order of skills in cosmetics, the magic is performed by cosmetic dentist to beautify the smile and we use the latest technology of Digital Smile Designing wherein you can foresee the final results of your procedure before actually undergoing the treatment. It not only gives you overall idea of the treatment, but also enables you to put forward your requirements and expectation from the treatment. We create a digitally printed mock up so that one can literally try on the smile you always wanted. We can fix a number of dental defects like discolored teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, missing teeth, chipped teeth, gummy smile and misshapen teeth with smile makeover.

We abide by the quality services and top- notch quality in terms of hospitality, services and treatment needs.


Alarming signs you should not Ignore of Bad Oral Health


According to many oral health care surveys, 80% population ignore the warning signs of oral health. This is important yet ignored. Regular teeth cleaning, flossing, along with regular check up the dentist can prevent serious damage to teeth and gums.

Signs to consider: -

1.       Non- Healing ulcers: - Ulcers, sores and tender tissue suggestive of nth number of oral health conditions and with delaying of treatment it can progress to life threatening diseases. For example: - Non- healing wound sometimes indicate diabetes, red and white spots or sores in the mouth can also indicate oral cancer. These lesions can appear as white or as red lesions can suggest the cancer.

2.       Bleeding and Swollen gums: -Seeing blood on your toothbrush after you brush your teeth can be cause for concern. Healthy gum tissue should not bleed unless you are brushing too aggressively. Gums should hold the teeth in place. They’re responsible for creating a barrier between your tooth roots, nerves, and blood vessels and the foods and drinks you consume. You could lose a tooth or teeth without healthy gum tissue. Bleeding or swollen gums can indicate periodontal or gum disease.

3.       Bad Breath: -Sometimes bad breath is the result of some specific meal you just ate or a sign that you need to drink more water. But chronic bad breath can be a symptom of dental cavities, tartar and gum disease.

4.       Sensitivity: -It is normal to have some sensitivity in your teeth as they wear and age. However, sudden or severe sensitivity is a cause of concern. It could be a sign of a cavity, infection or excessive wear to either the gum or the teeth. It could get really painful and restrict you from enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages and desserts as well.

5.       Pain: -Sometimes pain can occur due to infection in your teeth roots and gums, indicating some serious issue that is needed to be taken care. Pain can be due to developing cyst, tumor and glandular swelling resulting in spread of infection into the body.

In Teeth Care Centre, the specialized and skilled dentist suggest the preventive dental care at home by brushing twice, use of dental floss and tongue cleaner and proper diet maintenance as well as professional care to rectify any incipient dental caries or gum diseases.

Diagnosis is key to any treatment need and with the help of advanced imaging, proper treatment plan the progressive disease can be controlled or stopped.Teeth Care Centre abide by the top notch quality treatment and equipments.

It is important to understand the signs and work for good oral health, as said mouth is the mirror of human body.