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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It is also known as Full mouth restoration or reconstruction which involves replenishing the functions and aesthetics of all the teeth which are either damaged, decayed or problematic. It is usually indicated in patients with multiple dental problems such as multiple decayed teeth, gum infections, extensive wear and tear of tooth, fracture or trauma to tooth, or multiple missing teeth. These can lead to poor oral health, social embarrassment, speech hindrances, difficulty in eating, etc. One can opt for crowns, bridges, #dental veneersahmedabad, gum surgeries, #bracesinahmeadabad or aligners, root canal treatment, #dentalimplantsahmedabad.

We at #Teethcarecentre have incorporated equipments of latest technology from the most leading brands in the world which renders most exemplary results. Also we have a specialized team of doctors who are highly qualified and well trained in their fields.

Success rates of implants

The success rates of # implants mainly varies based on different factors such as quality of dental implants, age, quality and density of the bone, smoking, gum conditions, systemic diseases, and oral hygiene. Long term studies have shown that the survival rate of #implants are 98%. Although with proper care #implants can last a lifetime. In order for # implants to survive, oral hygiene should be the first priority.

We at #teethcarecentre use Nobel biocare active model which is one of the leading brands in the world. We also have a specialized team of #implantsurgeonahmedabad who are well versed and experienced in their field. Using a 7 step sterilization protocol which is a prerequisite for implants, makes us the No.1 #implantdentalclinicinahmedabad.

Pedodontics- Flouride Therapy

#FlourideTherapy is a dental treatment in which #flouride varnish, gel or foam is applied on teeth of infants or children with the aim to prevent cavities or effectively stop it from getting worse. This therapy usually decreases #toothdecay by shielding teeth from harmful acid. It can also help in remineralization as well as hampers the acid from plaque bacteria and sugar. It is recommended to age group of 6 months to 16 years as that is when eruption of new teeth takes place .
The flouride application done with dentists contains higher amount of flouride when compared to the commercial toothpastes containing flouride. Hence it is necessary to get flouride therapy done atleast twice or thrice a year.

We at #Teethcarecentre have a team of highly qualified #pedodontistsinahmedabad who are bound to give you best possible treatment. We have incorporated #conscioussedation as well which can reduce your child's anxiety and fear related to dental treatment and increases the overall acceptance of it. We are #bestdentalclinicinahmedabad in terms of #childdentalcare to use equipments from the most eminent brands and also to follow a strict 7 step sterilization protocol.


#Rotaryrootcanal treatment is generally more faster , reliable , comfortable and a painless option when compared to traditional root canal treatment, which involves  use of files . The instruments used in #rotaryrootcanal  are made of nickel-titanium alloy which allows more precision and a slow-steady rotation preventing  perforations  and other mishaps in treatment. There are no unpleasant noises as well as it is more accurate and a consistent option.

We at  #TEETH CARECENTRE are the only clinic in Gujarat to use # MAGNA-ROTO(magnification of root canal and of rotary files. ) # RCT#in#Ahmedabad .We have highly qualified and experienced team of #endodnotists#in#ahmedabad who are bound to give best possible treatment to all of our patients.