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Do you have dark gum?

Many people suffer from discolored gums, and this can be a major source of self-consciousness. Gum pigmentation treatment is the most viable solution for persons suffering from gum discoloration.

Why do I have dark gums?
Dark gum pigmentation can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the major contributing factors is simply genetics. Another contributing cause of dark gums is poor dental hygiene.  Smoking is also a major contributing factor to discolored gums.

What is gum pigmentation treatment?
Cosmetic dental procedure that uses a dental laser to remove dark pigmentation of  gums. It  is one of the most innovative dental technologies on the market today. Gum pigmentation treatment is often called “gum bleaching,” yet this treatment is so much more than that! Using the Laser is painless and safe method. The procedure can be completed in 1 office visit, so you can virtually walk out the door with beautiful pink gums. Just one gum pigmentation treatment can last up to 20 years! The healing process for gum pigmentation is very swift, and virtually painless.

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