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Benefit of Team Approach in Dentistry

In #Dentistry there are various specialties and when these all specialty professionals come together for the treatment it works as a miracle. Also the collaborative approach provides patients with treatment options which are personalized for them and these results into optimal treatment outcomes. In dental clinic each member plays important role take from dental assistants to dentists. It is also called Multidisciplinary approach. It involves tackling dental problems with comprehensive treatment plans and hence leading to consistent long term results. Hence team approach is beneficial when it comes to dental treatment.

At #TeethCareCentre we have set up the hospital in such a manner where all dental treatments are possible under one roof. Also we have equipped the clinic with most recent technology machines which reduces human error and treatment result more efficient. #MakingSmileIncredible 

Regular visits in Paediatric Dentistry

#PaediatricDentistry is a branch which includes dental treatment for children. Childhood is a time of life where only important thing is playing and having fun. Children tend to not take care of the teeth or overall health. It becomes parents responsibility to take care of the teeth. Regular dental visits in children is important as the jaw is growing and the some habits may cause dental malocclusion at this stage. Also the primary teeth are prone to cavities as children are attracted towards sticky and sugary foods. If the primary teeth are left untreated it causes damage to the permanent tooth bud and hence the permanent teeth. So it is advised to have regular dental check ups in children.

At #TeethCareCentre we have equipped the clinic with most advanced technology equipment. We provide #Matrix #ConsciousSedation facility for anxious children and adults. We aim to give painless treatments. #MakingSmileIncredible