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What to Do When a Tooth Falls after an Accident?

The accidental loss of a tooth is a serious situation but it can be resolved if we act quickly. A tooth that fell out must be re-implanted in its socket within 60 minutes after the accident for best chances for it to remain in position.
Instructions to follow: If the tooth is dirty, it is important that the patient cleans it with his own saliva by putting it in his mouth. The tooth should then be removed from the mouth and the patient should spit all blood and dirt. While spitting hard, you can remove the blood clot that could have formed in the socket, which can make the re-implantation of the tooth easier. When the tooth is clean enough, it should be quickly put in the socket. The more it is done quickly, the better are the chances of success.

If the tooth cannot be repositioned in its place for one reason or another, then it should be transported to the dentist as soon as possible. There are several ways to do so.

The tooth should be cleaned with saliva as described above. The person who had the accident must then keep the tooth in his or her mouth, either under the tongue or between the cheek and back teeth, of course without chewing on it. If it’s a young child under the age of eight who has lost his tooth, it should not be kept in his mouth because he can swallow it. After cleaning with saliva, the tooth can rather be put it in a saline solution (water and salt) or in a cup of fresh milk, preferably at room temperature.

If the tooth re-implantation does not work, it is preferable to extract the tooth and have it replaced.

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Why Diabetic Dentists Make Sense

Patient management is the one of the most challenging facets of caring for diabetic patients. Dentist who made the care of diabetic patients called diabetic dentist. With good reason, they not only perform dental exams and treat the oral diseases associated with diabetes, they
- Council patients on diet and exercise
- Reinforce the importance of good glycemic control
- Probe to locate inflammation sights that can affect the overall system
- Test blood glucose levels as part of their dental treatment
Because like many other complications of diabetes, oral health is impacted by glucose levels and the body’s immune response. Understanding and monitoring the overall system is, therefore, key to managing oral health.
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Oral Bacteria Linked to Pre-Term Birth

Approximately 12.7% of births in the U.S. are pre-term deliveries, a rate that reflects a 36% increase over the last 25 years. Intrauterine infection is recognized as a main cause of pre-term birth as well as late miscarriage and still birth. The cause of intrauterine infections has long been attributed to bacteria ascending into the uterus from the lower genital tract, however, recent studies indicate such infections are caused not only by bacteria found in the vaginal tract, but also in the mouth.

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