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Tooth decay can be prevented by using straw

Drinking Soft drinks increases the risk of tooth decay as it damages the tooth enamel due to the high content of acid, sugar and starch which increases risk of tooth decay which cannot be repaired if affected.

Ways by which tooth decay due to fizzy drinks can be reduced.

• Using a straw can reduce the risk of enamel damage, make sure the straw is positioned to the inside of the mouth which reduces the contact between soda

• Don’t brush your teeth immediately after a drink as the acid in the drink damages the tooth but you can rinse your mouth.

• Avoid holding the drink for a long time in the mouth swallow the drink as soon as you take it.

• Use a fluoride containing toothpaste.

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Mouth Ulcer

Mouth Ulcer is a very common oral lesion. Mouth ulcers tend to afflict women more than men and people less than 45 years. Mouth ulcers occur most frequently among 16-25 year old.

Trauma, Minor physical injuries, Chemical injuries, Smoking, Infection (Viral, Bacterial, Fungal), Immunodeficiency, Allergy, Dietary

Oral cancers can lead to ulceration as the center of the lesion loses blood supply and necroses

Medical conditions associated with mouth ulcers
The following medical conditions are associated with mouth ulcers:
Beh├žet's disease, Bullous pemphigoid, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Gingivostomatitis, Leukoplakia, oral lichen planus, Lupus erythematosus, Neutropenia, Oral thrush, Ulcerative colitis, Infectious mononucleosis

Ulcers persisting longer than three weeks may require the attention of a dental practitioner

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Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Oral submucous fibrosis is a chronic, insidious, disabling disease involving oral mucosa, the oropharynx, and rarely, the larynx. It is exclusively reported in Indian population.

The disease is characterised by blainching and stiffness of the oral mucosa, trismus, burning sensation in the mouth, hypomobility of the soft palate and tongue, loss of gustatory sensation, and occasionally, mild hearing loss due to blockage of Eustachian tube.

A variety of aetiological factors including capsaicin, betal nut alkaloids, hypersensitivity, autoimmunity, genetic and malnutrition.

The disease can be classified clinically into two phases (1) An eruptive phase, characterised by formation of erythema, vesicles, ulceration and a burning sensation in the mouth. (2) The fibrosis induction phase, characterised by the disappearance of the vesicles and healing of the ulcers by fibrosis. The burning sensation decreases and blanching and stiffness of the oral and oropharyngeal mucosa occur.

complications include oral cancer

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Laser Dentistry...

With the advancements in the field of dentistry, laser dentistry is being recognised and adopted by many cosmetic dentists. These new techniques are being appreciated and many patients are going in for laser treatment.

The laser technology is a sophisticated technology which is being used to treat dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

The thought of visiting the dentist to get a cavity filled or for root canal has always been associated with tension. But with new technologies, people no longer fear dental care as it is less painful. Cosmetic dentists are able to treat patients successfully. The results are also positive. Laser dentistry is being adopted for dental treatments like teeth whitening. Under the latest techniques of laser treatment, the patient is not anaesthetised for minor dental treatments. The patient also does not experience any major pain at the time of the treatment.

Some of the major benefits of laser dentistry are that patients do not experience soreness or tenderness of gums or teeth. The laser technology is hi- tech and sophisticated, so there is a lesser chance of bacterial infections. The healing is much quicker and there is faster regeneration of tissues.

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