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Benefit of Team Approach in Dentistry

There are various benefits of team approach in dentistry. Each member of the dental team directly affects the success of the practise through his or her actions. It delivers the best possible outcomes of all the treatments by reducing disparities. Moreover, it can also render collaborative approach towards the treatment. Exchanging techniques between different dentists benefits the end results of dental procedures. Furthermore, skills can also be developed by practising team approach in dentistry.

At #TeethCareCentre we have a team of doctors who are highly qualified and are expert in their respective speciality. Along with doctors the dental assistants and other staff are equally trained for best outcome of the treatment. #MakingSmileIncredible

Importance of regular Scaling

Regularity is very important to be maintained for overall health. Just like it, for oral health regular #Dental #Check-up is advised. In maintaining good oral hygiene gum diseases should be taken care off. For that regular scaling i.e cleaning and polishing is advised. People have a myth that having scaling done regularly can reduce their enamel layer. But in real if one does not go for regular #UltrasonicScaling then there are chances for gingivitis or periodontitis. Ultrasonic scaling procedure can clean the tartar or plaque or stains present on tooth surface. Even if one brushes regularly, scaling done by dentist at dental clinic is compulsory. Along with brushing, flossing is necessary which can remove plaque from inter-dental areas. Scaling is advised every 6-8 months or at least once in a year.

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Importance of Regular visits in Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry includes dental care for children. Almost all children are anxious for going to clinics and meeting doctor, keeping a habit of taking the child for consultation from early age can help a lot. According to American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, the child’s first dental visit should be soon after eruption of first tooth or by age 1. Regular dental visits can prevent the caries which can lead to healthy primary and permanent teeth. Also the #ToddlerDentistAhmedabad can educate the child and parents for brushing of teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene. By visiting regularly the child can be made anxious free and can be trained for keeping the teeth in proper condition. 

At #TeethCareCentre the #PaediatricDentistInAhmedabad aims to render pain free treatments taking child’s fear into consideration. We have #ConsciousSedation facility which can calm the toddler and can help the dentist to carry out the procedure comfortably. #MakingSmileIncredible

How can Tooth Extractions be Painless?

#Extraction is the procedure of removal of tooth. It can be painless if the area from which tooth is to be extracted is anesthetized. It plays a major part to control pain in dentistry.
Various anesthesia measures are available. They are: 1) Local anesthesia-Injectable- Lidocaine is injected to anesthetize the area. Spray/Tube-It is either sprayed or applied to the site of #ToothExtraction. 2) General anesthesia-Laughing gas or #ConsciousSedationAhmedabad- Laughing gas is made to inhale through mask to calm the patient. Intravenous injections or Orally with help of pill. So before any extraction procedure any means of anesthesia is administered. This can make the treatment painless.

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