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Benefit of Team Approach in Dentistry

In #Dentistry there are various specialties and when these all specialty professionals come together for the treatment it works as a miracle. Also the collaborative approach provides patients with treatment options which are personalized for them and these results into optimal treatment outcomes. In dental clinic each member plays important role take from dental assistants to dentists. It is also called Multidisciplinary approach. It involves tackling dental problems with comprehensive treatment plans and hence leading to consistent long term results. Hence team approach is beneficial when it comes to dental treatment.

At #TeethCareCentre we have set up the hospital in such a manner where all dental treatments are possible under one roof. Also we have equipped the clinic with most recent technology machines which reduces human error and treatment result more efficient. #MakingSmileIncredible 

Regular visits in Paediatric Dentistry

#PaediatricDentistry is a branch which includes dental treatment for children. Childhood is a time of life where only important thing is playing and having fun. Children tend to not take care of the teeth or overall health. It becomes parents responsibility to take care of the teeth. Regular dental visits in children is important as the jaw is growing and the some habits may cause dental malocclusion at this stage. Also the primary teeth are prone to cavities as children are attracted towards sticky and sugary foods. If the primary teeth are left untreated it causes damage to the permanent tooth bud and hence the permanent teeth. So it is advised to have regular dental check ups in children.

At #TeethCareCentre we have equipped the clinic with most advanced technology equipment. We provide #Matrix #ConsciousSedation facility for anxious children and adults. We aim to give painless treatments. #MakingSmileIncredible

Digital Scanners in Dentistry

New inventions and modifications are always a boon to all the fields. Likewise, #DigitalScanners a faster and easier way to create replica, are newest inventions for dentistry. Digital scanner creates 3 D image of the teeth and soft tissue. It generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer. It uses cutting edge technology to create the computerized image of the mouth. The replica created is then used to prepare crown or bridge or for manufacturing of any dental work. With scanners in market manual impressions are not needed and thus can reduce human error.

At #TeethCareCentre we have equipped the clinic with newest technology machines. We keep ourselves updated with equipment with advanced features. #MakingSmileIncredible

Basal Implant

#DentalImplant is the fixed treatment for missing teeth. Implants are the titanium screw placed in the jawbone to which tooth are attached. #BasalImplant is a type of implant that is placed in basal bone. Basal bone is the skeletal structure which contains most of the muscle attachments.  It is below the alveolar bone and is highly dense, corticalized and gives excellent support to Implants. Basal Implants employ the basal cortical portion of the jaws for retention and gaining anchorage. Placing Implants reduces bone resorption because they are placed into jaw bone. #BasalBone usually remains free from infection and are less prone to resorption. Basal Implants are also called #ImmediateLoadingImplants as the prosthesis is attached immediately. Basal implants are minimally invasive, can avoid bone grafting and is solution for unfavorable bone conditions. 
At #TeethCareCentre the #BestDentistAhmedabad aims to provide pain free treatment to all in need. #ImplantologistAhmedabad uses #NobelBiocare Implants thus replacing teeth for betterment of the person. #MakingSmileIncredible 

Gum Depigmentation

#Pigmentation of gums is because of excess amount of melanin present due to genetic reasons. Melanocytes produces melanin. Also because of smoking the oral mucosa gets pigmented, this is called Smoker's Melanosis. Gum depigmentation is the dental cosmetic procedure which involves removing of the excess melanin layer. With help of #GumDepigmentation the color of the gums lighten and the black spots if present gets removed. There are various techniques to carry out this procedure like Scalpel surgery, Gingivectomy and Gingiva Autografting, Electrosurgery, Cryosurgery, Bleaching Chemical agents and use of Lasers. The technique of the procedure depends from patient to patient but use of #Lasers is the newest technique of all. During this treatment the excess layer of melanin is removed through laser thus destroying the top most cell layer. When this is removed it leaves behind pinker gums. #LaserGumDepigmentation is effectively faster procedure and minimally invasive alternative to other procedures. Usually the procedure is painless but the area is anesthetized before the treatment and the patient feels slight sensitivity in the gums after the procedure which gradually decreases with time.

At #TeethCareCentre the #CosmeticDentistAhmedabad uses #BioLaseLaser to prevent any invasion of gums thus giving pinker and natural looking gums. We strive to give painless treatments with use of various anesthetic measures. #MakingSmileIncredible

Cyst Removal

Dental Cyst is a closed cavity usually found on soft tissue like gums, lips, around the teeth or within the #jaw #bone. #DentalCyst is usually not pain full but to avoid any further damage of swelling, pain and infection to the jawbone, it has to be removed. Dental Cyst can be removed along with the tooth which is infected. The Cyst can also be removed with small incision and the space is cleaned and enucleated. If the cyst is very large or has caused damage, infected tooth, roots or jaw bone will also be cut and is removed. #DentalLaser is applied for disinfection of the area also called #LaserCurettage. If the cavity is big it is filled with PRF i.e. Platelet rich fibrin as membrane.

At #TeethCareCentre the #OralSurgeryDentist strives to give best end result and make the patient pain free. We use of #BiolaseLaser which efficiently disinfects the area. Following 7 step sterilization protocol we leave no chance of contamination. #MakingSmileIncredible


Success Rate of Implant

#DentalImplant is the titanium screw which is inserted in jaw bone as a replacement to missing tooth. The dental crown is attached over it. The main benefit of #DentalImplantInAhmedabad is it can replace one missing tooth to multiple missing teeth without altering the adjacent teeth. The success rate of implant is depended on the maintenance of the implant by patient, patient's medical condition and patient's use. The type of implant also plays main role in the success rate. Basic care of Implant includes proper brushing, flossing (both manual and water flossing), regular scaling and regular visits to dentist. Hence, Dental Implant is not maintenance free.

At #TeethCareCentre the #ImplantologistAhmedabad uses #NobelBiocareImplant as it has highest osseointegration. We adhere to stringent 7 step sterilization protocol which is of utmost importance in any surgical procedure. #MakingSmileIncredible 

Gum Infection

Gum is the supporting soft tissue covering the tooth. The healthier the gums the stronger are teeth. Bacterial infection caused because of poor oral hygiene or any other reason causes gum inflammation. This is called Gum Infection. The most common Gum Infection is Gingivitis. Gingivitis is mild form of periodontal disease where gums become red, swollen and usually bleed while brushing. If Gingivitis is left untreated, it leads to Periodontitis. Periodontitis is serious gum problem which damages gums and leads to bone loss. It can also lead to tooth loss. It is also a risk factor for heart disease and lung disease. The basic line of treatment to avoid gum infection is brushing properly twice daily, regular scaling i.e. cleaning of teeth with help of ultrasonic scaler by #PeriodontistAhmedabad, flossing regularly using manual and water flosser, mouthwash gargle. In advanced cases of periodontitis, #GumSurgeryAhmedabad is advised.
At #TeethCareCentre the #PeriodontitisOfAhmedabad aims to treat the gums along with the teeth.  We have equipped the clinic with newest technology equipment and materials from top brands which are R&D tested. We use #BiolaseLaser for the gum surgery which reduces blood loss. #MakingSmileIncredible

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When treatment i.e. rebuilding or replacing is required in full mouth or all the teeth, it is called Full mouth reconstruction or #FullMouthRehabilitationAhmedabad. It is different for every patient and the treatment plan is customized according to the needs. It combines esthetics along with restorative treatment that improves health and functioning of the mouth. #FullMouthRehabAhmedabad includes treatments like replacing missing teeth with help of crown and bridge and Implants, smile makeover procedures, orthodontic procedures etc. The benefits which include the full mouth rehabilitation are: Reliving tooth pain, replacing missing teeth, straightening teeth to maintain oral hygiene, solving gum problems.
We at #TeethCareCentre have equipped our clinic with equipments and machines with newest technology and of pre-eminent brands. We aim to render painless and comfortable treatments. #MakingSmileIncredible

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth restoration or reconstruction which involves replenishing the functions and aesthetics of all the teeth which are either damaged, decayed or problematic is called #FullMouthRehabilitation. It is usually indicated in patients with multiple dental problems such as multiple decayed teeth, gum infections, extensive wear and tear of tooth, fracture or trauma to tooth, or multiple missing teeth. These can lead to poor oral health, social embarrassment, speech hindrances, difficulty in eating, etc. One can opt for crowns, bridges, #DentalVeneersAhmedabad, gum surgeries, #BracesInAhmeadabad or #Aligners, Root canal treatment, #DentalImplantsAhmedabad.

We at #TeethCareCentre have incorporated equipments of latest technology from the most leading brands in the world which renders most exemplary results. Also we have a specialized team of doctors who are highly qualified and well trained in their fields. #MakingSmileIncredible

Full Mouth Implant

Dental implant is the solution to replace missing teeth. With Implant one can have advantage of replacing single missing tooth to multiple missing teeth without altering the adjacent teeth. Full mouth #OralImplant is replacing fully edentulous mouth with help of Implants and then attaching implant supported denture to it. Full mouth implant includes: All-on-4 or All-on-6 or placing as many implants taking the space and condition of bone into consideration. #Allon4ImplantInAhmedabad is placing 4 implants in upper jaw and 4 implants in lower jaw and attaching #FixedDentureAhmedabad to it. #Allon6ImplantAhmedabad is placing 6 in upper jaw and 6 in lower jaw and attaching denture to it. After the implants are placed in jawbone denture is fixed to it. 
At #TeethCareCentre the #ImplantologistDentistInAhmedabad aims to render the best treatment with help of materials from its highest brand and with advanced technology machines and newest software guided implant surgery. #MakingSmileIncredible

Benefit of Team Approach in Dentistry

There are various benefits of team approach in dentistry. Each member of the dental team directly affects the success of the practise through his or her actions. It delivers the best possible outcomes of all the treatments by reducing disparities. Moreover, it can also render collaborative approach towards the treatment. Exchanging techniques between different dentists benefits the end results of dental procedures. Furthermore, skills can also be developed by practising team approach in dentistry.

At #TeethCareCentre we have a team of doctors who are highly qualified and are expert in their respective speciality. Along with doctors the dental assistants and other staff are equally trained for best outcome of the treatment. #MakingSmileIncredible