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Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Full mouth rehabilitation / full mouth reconstruction is rebuilding or replacing all the damaged and problematic teeth in mouth with revised and augmented restoration or prosthesis, completely restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth, gums and jaws. A full mouth reconstruction is indicated when there are multiple dental problems like poor facial appearance, lack of functionality and speech hindrances.

Indications: -

·         Most common reason is to obtain and maintain the periodontal health of teeth.

·         Loss of vertical dimension in oral parafunctional habits such as grinding or clenching teeth        (bruxism), nail biting, finger sucking, chewing objects, abnormal craniocervical-facial posture.

·         Extensive dentistry, multiple missing teeth, worn out teeth due to fracture and decayed teeth, old fillings and decreased interocclusal space.

·         Discoloured teeth due fluorosis, hypoplastic enamel and dentin, discolouration due to medicines and oral habits like smoking and tobacco.

·         Esthetics, multiple decayed anterior teeth and missing teeth, gummy smile and improper shape and size of teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation requires team work and at Teeth Care Centre, we have team of specialized and highly experienced dentist, who suggest best treatment approach after detailed oral examination and detailed analysis of oral tissues with the cast, articulator and photographic analysis. It is one of the complex procedures, requiring the most artistic vision to restore the functional and natural appearance of teeth. Teeth Care Centre is equipped with latest technology for the precision and accuracy work and it forms the basis for the better treatment outcome.


Celebrity Smile


When you spot celebrities in magazine, ramp and TV screen, instantly get glued to the pearly perfect white set of teeth, shining in the spotlight. They call it Hollywood smile. For celebrities, TV actors’ actresses, pageant models starring in photographic events and big screen, it is important to have an eye-catching, trustworthy beautiful smile in their field of work. Without great smile, you simply can’t pull that off.

Many celebrities undergo smile designing for perfect smile, through cosmetic makeover for spotless teeth and beautiful smile.

Teeth Care Centre is leading celebrity dental clinic in Gujarat, we have team of skilled and experienced professional Dr. Pankti Patel, specialized in as cosmetic and laser dentist, providing our elite patients , a very supreme and dazzling superstar like smile of dreams and more natural-looking dental makeover. Teeth Care Centre has proved to be top-rated dental clinic with a long track record of successful treatment of celebrities, businessperson, ramp models, singers and politicians.

“We really can create virtually any smile a patient wants”.


Rotary Root Canal Procedures


Root canal treatment is procedure to save an infected tooth and damaged tooth instead of removing it. It includes cleaning of infected nerves from the pulp of tooth and sealing up the root and crown with artificial radio opaque material to stop further progression of tooth damage. It is a myth that root canal procedures are painful; in fact RCT lessens the pain by disinfecting the tooth. Initially, the tooth cleaning was done by hand instruments causing pain and comfort to patient along with improper removal of tooth pulp but due to advancements in technology the rotary RCT treatments done with electrically powered instrument replacing traditionally used stainless-steel hand instruments.

 Teeth Care Centre is well versed with the latest advances in the field of restorative dentistry and uses the most advanced techniques and ultramodern equipments for carrying out the root canal procedures. We have cutting edge technology, for the precision in cutting and guides the way towards the root canal apex with Apex Locator while performing the procedure .We also provide conscious sedation under experts to anxious and apprehensive patient,  to ensure that your entire treatment experience becomes pleasant and pain free.

We also provide root canal treatment using the loupes which aid in better magnification of the desired field and provide utmost precision while performing the root canal procedure and rubber dams to isolate the infected region, thus making it dry and free from salivary contamination. The latest RCT procedures are performed with lasers to ensure that your infected tooth becomes completely free from bacteria.


Pedodontics- Basic care of milky teeth


Milk teeth of baby are as important as permanent teeth. As soon as,  teeth in baby’s mouth erupts a proper hygiene should be maintained along with cleaning gums . Milk teeth are small, but they are important. They act as space holder for permanent teeth. With healthy set of teeth baby can have trouble-free chewing, speaking and smiling. That is why caring baby teeth and keeping them caries free is inevitable. According to ADA, the first visit to dental hospital should be within 1 year of life.

Caring for healthy gums:-

1. Use Clean moistened cotton to wipe the gums after milk feeding by mother of infant.

2.  Wipe the teeth and gums twice a day especially before bed time, as it will wash off all the bacteria and prevents tooth decay.

Brushing baby’s teeth:-

1.       Use of soft bristle brush with small head and pea-sized toothpaste recommended by pediatrician, with assistance of mother baby’s teeth should be cleaned

2.       Fluoride is natural for children under recommended dosage. It strengthens and protects teeth against decay and provides extra protection.

Teeth Care Centre is performs fluoride application procedure according to child’s oral and dental situation. It is pain free procedure and takes just few minutes for application. We are striving towards keeping healthy teeth even in milk teeth. And that is exactly why we believe in ceasing dental infection even before its onset. Therefore it is advisable to undergo pit and fissure sealant application at regular intervals as and when the permanent teeth start erupting.