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Fluorides are healthy for children or not?


Fluorides are one of the most important mineral for development of teeth and its prevention from tooth decay by re-mineralization process. It is present in traces in water and food we eat, which also helps in reduction of harmful effects of plaque to teeth and gums.

Fluorides are present in community water to meet the daily requirement. According to AAPD, children between age of 6 -16 years should have fluorides in their diet to prevent the decaying of tooth. Children should be exposed to fluorides, when their first teeth erupts. Children below 3 years should use topical fluoride in form of tooth paste in grain size of rice and at 3 years, in pea size for the betterment of teeth under the supervision of parents.

       Risk from fluoride overuse: -

·         During brushing and rinsing, the toothpaste should not be swallowed otherwise it may lead to nausea and vomiting.

·         Children below 6 years should be monitored during brushing to prevent overuse.

·         Community drinking water fluoride level should be optimum and regularly checked.

 Effect of fluoride: -

·         Dental caries (decreased  fluoride level)

·         Dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis (increased fluoride level)

Optimum level of fluoride in tooth paste should be 1000 ppm. The fluoride in form of foams, gels and dental varnish should be applied only by specialized dental surgeon in dental hospital. The fluoride application is recommended in children for prevention of dental caries by healthcare provider in 3-6 months in a year.

Skilled pedodontist at Teeth Care Centre perform fluoride application procedure according to your child’s particular oral and dental situation. We make a point to ensure that adequate levels of fluoride needed are absorbed by the child’s teeth in order to successfully cease the acidic breakdown of the outer layer of the teeth.We aim to successfully eliminate dental decay from its core before it start.