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Preserving extraction socket for Implant placement:

After dental extraction, a well-characterized process of wound healing occurs that may result in loss of ridge dimensions, compromising ideal implant replacement. The greater the available bone, the larger the implant width and length that can be used, resulting in better cervical esthetics, prognosis, and ease of oral hygiene procedures. Socket preservation procedures at the time of tooth extraction improve the prognosis regarding maintenance of the width and height of remaining bone. Grafting at the time of extraction takes advantage of the regional acceleratory phenomenon that is induced by the trauma of extraction leading to a reduced healing time.

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stress = dental problems

People who are live high-stress lifestyles can benefit from re-evaluating their situations in order to prevent many health complications, include dental care problems.

Too much stress is developing mouth sores. Bacteria and viruses that develop in the mouth can lead to fatigue, allergies and immune system complications.

Dealing with too much stress can also lead to teeth grinding, which can cause joint degeneration in the jaw and the breakdown of enamel. If the problem persists, it is recommended to see a dentist and have them mold a custom mouth guard.

Being overly busy can also cause people to put proper dental care at the bottom of their busy schedules. This could include postponing or canceling dental appointments, and if a person isn't taking preventative measures at home, they could develop more severe dental problems, such as gum disease.

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