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Bone Augmentation in Lower Jaw for Implant

Implant is a titanium post which is surgically placed into the jaw bone beneath the gumline ,thereby replacing the missing root of the tooth .This implant fuses with the underlying bone to establish strong bond with the jaw bone.However there are cases where thickness of the underlying bone is not sufficient to support an implant.Sometimes there is considerable bone loss which hampers the process of implant placement.Such cases with lack of adequate bone support are ideal cases of bone augmentation.Bone augmentation involves placing the bone graft over the existing bone and allowing it to adhere to the existing bone ,which eventually form a new bone which is best suited to support an implant.
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Dental Implants in Elderly People

Dental Implants are the ultimate choice to to replace a missing tooth or teeth.Implants can also be used to support denture in completely edentulous patients.High success rates are observed in younger and middle aged patients compared to elderly patients.Sometimes lack of sufficient bone underlying the missing teeth may be the main cause of implant failure in geriatric patients.Due to high success rates Teeth  Care has become one of the best implant centres in Ahmedabad,We use bone grating procedure in cases where there is complete loss of underlying bone.So if you want to go for an implant which lasts you for years,please visit the best dentist in Ahmedabad.

Rampant Caries

Rampant caries is the widespread and suddenly appearing type of caries which burrow rapidly and thereby resulting in early involvement of pulp occuring mostly in children.The spread of rampant caries is extensive,affecting ten or more teeth at a time.Therefore,it is necessary to take immediate action in order to curb this rapid spread of caries.
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