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What is a fixed dental implant bridge prosthesis?

Fixed dental implant bridge prosthesis is employed in full mouth or partial mouth rehabilitation, wherein the prosthesis is permanently cemented to restore/replace missing teeth.
What is a removable dental prosthesis?
Removable dental prosthesis is used to replace missing teeth and can be removed by the patient as and when required.
What are the drawbacks of Removable dentures?
Removable dentures are unstable, at times. Also, primarily, food consumption becomes a major concern. With time, these dentures lose their fit and have to be replaced.  Bone loss is accelerated due to the forces exerted by the denture, resulting in loose dentures. Also, due to bone shrinkage, the distance between the nose and chin reduces leading to deterioration of the facial features.
Moreover, aesthetically this prosthesis is not so pleasing. The acrylic used to resemble natural gums hardly does justice and the aesthetics is compromised, resulting in lowered self confidence.
Why dental Implants?
Dental implants are fixed to the living jawbone, providing support and hence there is no bone loss. It hardly takes approximately 4 implants for rehabilitation of the upper/lower jaw. This is because of the firm anchorage these implants offer. The concern about loose or ill-fitting denture is eliminated. Also, implants resemble natural teeth, unlike the removable dentures. Therefore, aesthetics is not compromised, resulting in an increased self confidence.
Moreover, there is no discomfort while consumption of food. Thus, their aesthetics as well as function resemble natural teeth.
Generally they last longer than the removable dentures; frequent replacement is not necessary.
What are the drawbacks of fixed prosthesis?
The only drawback is that they are little expensive as compared to removable dental prosthesis.
Why Teeth Care Centre?
Dr. Pankti Patel, our Chief Dentist at Teeth Care Centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad employs the best implant brands ( Nobel Biocare) that are used worldwide so that follow-up visits become hassle free. Moreover, we at Teeth Care Centre also carry out Re-implant procedures and have an exceptionally skilled team of doctors.


Dental veneer is a layer of material which is placed over the surface of tooth in order to improve aesthetics and protect the surface of tooth from damage. Composite or porcelain is used in a dental veneer. Full veneer crowns are used to cover all the tooth surfaces whereas laminate veneers are used only to cover a surface of tooth for aesthetic purposes.
What are the indications of a veneer?
1.      When a tooth has been fractured or discoloured, a veneer crown is given, following restoration.
2.      When a patient has small teeth, veneers might be required when orthodontic correction seems to be difficult.
3.      When teeth have been worn out, veneers are recommended to increase the strength and aesthetics of the teeth.

What are the advantages of a dental veneer?
1.      It helps to increase the level of confidence in otherwise under confident patients with a not-so-aesthetic smile, by enhancing their smile.
2.      The tooth cutting in case of veneers is minimal; hence most of the tooth structure is preserved.
3.      As veneers are moulded according to an individual’s requirements, shade selection and other criteria are taken into account which makes the prepared tooth indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dr. Pankti Patel, our chief Dentist at Teeth Care Centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad is well versed in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry. We employ long lasting veneers and  veneers( Ivoclar- Liechtenstein) that are used worldwide. Moreover, the diagnosis and the treatment plan are decided only after thorough evaluation, both clinical and radiographic. Also, we at TCC employ ultramodern techniques and equipments for the same.

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