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Success Rate of Implant

#DentalImplant is the titanium screw which is inserted in jaw bone as a replacement to missing tooth. The dental crown is attached over it. The main benefit of #DentalImplantInAhmedabad is it can replace one missing tooth to multiple missing teeth without altering the adjacent teeth. The success rate of implant is depended on the maintenance of the implant by patient, patient's medical condition and patient's use. The type of implant also plays main role in the success rate. Basic care of Implant includes proper brushing, flossing (both manual and water flossing), regular scaling and regular visits to dentist. Hence, Dental Implant is not maintenance free.

At #TeethCareCentre the #ImplantologistAhmedabad uses #NobelBiocareImplant as it has highest osseointegration. We adhere to stringent 7 step sterilization protocol which is of utmost importance in any surgical procedure. #MakingSmileIncredible 

Gum Infection

Gum is the supporting soft tissue covering the tooth. The healthier the gums the stronger are teeth. Bacterial infection caused because of poor oral hygiene or any other reason causes gum inflammation. This is called Gum Infection. The most common Gum Infection is Gingivitis. Gingivitis is mild form of periodontal disease where gums become red, swollen and usually bleed while brushing. If Gingivitis is left untreated, it leads to Periodontitis. Periodontitis is serious gum problem which damages gums and leads to bone loss. It can also lead to tooth loss. It is also a risk factor for heart disease and lung disease. The basic line of treatment to avoid gum infection is brushing properly twice daily, regular scaling i.e. cleaning of teeth with help of ultrasonic scaler by #PeriodontistAhmedabad, flossing regularly using manual and water flosser, mouthwash gargle. In advanced cases of periodontitis, #GumSurgeryAhmedabad is advised.
At #TeethCareCentre the #PeriodontitisOfAhmedabad aims to treat the gums along with the teeth.  We have equipped the clinic with newest technology equipment and materials from top brands which are R&D tested. We use #BiolaseLaser for the gum surgery which reduces blood loss. #MakingSmileIncredible