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Bone Grafting


A Bone Grafting is individual’s body tissue or similar substance, applied to damaged bone to add volume, density of jaw bone and structural stability. Bone grafting is surgical procedure to fix problems related to bones and joints. A bone graft provides a framework where new, living bone can grow, if it is accepted by body for re-growth. A bone graft can be from your body or a donor (auto graft/allograft/xenograft/alloplast) or synthetic (growth factors:-PRF).

A bone graft procedure is routinely done in case of:-

1.       Jaw reinforcement in implant surgery.

2.       Bone diseases; osteonecrosis and cancer.

3.       Congenital abnormalities; small chin.

4.       Trauma; multiple fractures.

5.       Dental pathologies; cyst and tumors.

6.       Surgical tooth extraction and jaw augmentation.

Risk factors for bone graft rejection:-

1.       Chronic smoking

2.       Poor diet and health

3.       Immune compromised patients

4.       Poor oral hygiene and re-infection

5.       Idiopathic

@ Teeth Care Centre, we use world’s renowned, highly researched brands for maximum treatment outcome with minimum reactions and cross infections on recipient body. The implantologist, oral surgeon and periodontist perform bone graft procedure with utmost precision and attention in technique sensitive procedure. The bone grafting is painless and minimally invasive, has shown strong and healthy bone formation over a year or more depending on one’s body.

Gum Depigmentation



Gum depigmentation: It is unique procedure which allows you to change or improve the natural color of the gum tissues surrounding your teeth resulting in perfectly healthy and natural coral pink color gums across your entire smile. Gum depigmentation is also known as gum whitening /gum bleaching which removes a thin top layer of the gum tissue, destroying the cells that produce melanin (responsible for dark color gums).

Hyper-pigmentation may be genetic or induced.  It is commonly seen among people from certain ethnic backgrounds, although this is not always the case. Dark gums can also be caused by chronic smoking, certain medications and an old restoration such as silver filling that seep into the gum tissues and tarnish the gums locally. In most cases they are completely healthy, but their appearance can easily be fixed by depigmentation procedure by experienced dental surgeon.

For gum whitening procedure, the individual must be free from gum problems.

A healthy gum, responds positively towards whitening treatment for gums with reduced chances of discomfort and quicker healing in comparison to infected gums.

The screening for these conditions prior to performing the gum bleaching procedure is recommended.

LONGEVITY OF GUM DE-PIGMENTATION: - Most gum whitening / gum lightening / gum bleaching treatments can last for your entire lifetime sometimes it is temporary as per one's condition! It’s a great way to permanently improve the appearance of dark gums without having to use follow up creams or gels. Your results will depend on the type of treatment used by your dentist.

Gum whitening is performed @Teeth Care Centre by periodontist with Biolase Lasers, painless treatment, less traumatic and faster healing. Being the pioneer in cosmetic dental procedure, we know the importance of having those pink and spotless looking gums for the alluring smile.