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Growth Modification

Growth modification appliances are used to enhance or reduce the growth of the jaw in a forward or backward direction. It can also be designed to allow expansion to the upper arch. These appliances help correct the front-to-back relationship of the upper and lower jaws, thereby correcting the overbite. These types of appliances are stay in mouth for 4 to 18 months.

Growth modification (early treatment) is part of the first phase of two-stage orthodontic treatment of children with malocclusion (poor bite). Growth modification is only possible when bones are still growing. It is most effective during children's growth spurts (for girls upto 12 yrs and for boys upto 14 yrs). Ideal timing of treatment varies depending on the condition, when adult teeth come in, and the amount of growth necessary to correct the malocclusion. Children are often more cooperative than teenagers when it comes to wearing their appliances for a certain number of hours a day.Surgery is the only option to correct malocclusion once growth is complete.

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Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner or Tongue Scraper is a device to scrub the tongue for removing germs or plaque. The buildup of plaque on the tongue is the major source of bad breath or halitosis.

Tongue scraper is ESSENTIAL for:
1. Bad Breath Control
2. Gum Disease Prevention
3. It also increases taste equity.
4. Effectively helps REMOVE pathogenic fungi & yeast.

Direction for Use:
Hold the firmly at both ends.
Bend into a "U" loop.
Gently sweep from back to front and rinse debris.
Repeat 2-3 times and rinse mouth.
Use twice daily before brushing teeth.

Tips and Advice on your Tongue Cleaner:
1. Should be replaced every 3 months as with toothbrushes.
2. Should be replaced immediately after common cold, sore throat, fever, yeast infection, etc.
3. Tongue scraping is 75% more effective than tongue brushing.
Don't scrape your tongue so hard that it hurts

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Oral care during chemotherapy and radiation therapy:

Continuing good dental hygiene during and after cancer treatment can reduce complications such as cavities, mouth sores, and infections. It is important to clean the mouth after eating. The following are guidelines for everyday

1. Brush teeth with a soft bristle brush 2 to 3 times a day for 2 to 3 minutes. Be sure to brush the area where the teeth meet the gums and rinse often.
2.Rinse the toothbrush in hot water every 15 to 30 seconds to soften the bristles, if needed.
3. Use a foam brush only if a regular bristle brush cannot be used. Brush 2 to 3 times a day and use an antibacterial rinse. Rinse often.
4. Allow the toothbrush to air dry between brushings.
5. Use a mild-tasting toothpaste; flavoring may irritate the mouth. If toothpaste irritates the mouth, brush with a solution of 1 teaspoon of salt added to 4 cups (1 quart) of water.
6. If dry mouth occurs, rinsing may not be enough to clean the teeth after a meal. Brushing and flossing may be needed.
7. Floss gently once a day.
8. Use lip care products to prevent drying and cracking.

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Breast cancer - Should I check in with my dentist?

If chemotherapy is part of a treatment plan for breast cancer, she should schedule a regular cleaning with her dentist before starting treatment. Most chemotherapy agents will suppress white cells, which protect against infection. And that increases the risk of doing an invasive procedure, such as a tooth extraction or deep cleaning, will cause infection. Usually about a week after each treatment dental checkup is must. During this period, oncologist can advise her and her dentist about when it would be safe to do a dental procedure. Breast cancer patients should maintain good hygiene — brushing, rinsing and flossing — throughout their treatment.
If a woman has breast cancer and is treated by surgery or by radiation but not chemotherapy, the mouth is not affected in any way.

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