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Digital scanners in dentistry

#Digital scanner uses cutting edge technology to record the anatomy of the mouth. It creates a computerised image of your mouth replicating the #hard and #soft #tissues of it. It has numerous advantages when compared to the #traditional #impression methods. It is more hygienic, faster as well as comfortable. It is beneficial for people with gag reflex, or having difficulty in breathing. This technology is much more efficient when alterations are supposed to be done, as well as eliminating risk of distortions of tray. 

We at #Teeth#care #centre have incorporated equipments with latest technology from the most preeminent brands in the world. Moreover, these equipments have R&D performed on them which delivers accurate and excellent quality results. We have #best #dentists in #Ahmedabad who are highly experienced and qualified.  We also adhere to a strict 7 step sterilization protocol. All these makes us the no.1 #dental #clinic in #Ahmedabad.

Surgical Cyst Removal

#Cyst is a closed sac of tissues which becomes red and inflammed with yellow or white fluid known as pus. If it is left infected it can lead to a lot of complications such as #pain, #irritation #swelling or in a long term can also spread to other parts of jaw, where one needs removal of the infected area of the jaw. Generally, the cyst is removed through a small incision around the concerned area afterwards it is cleaned with antiseptic solutions. However, if the size of the cyst is large than few of the #teeth must be removed in order to seize the spread of infection.

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