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Basal Implant

Dental Implant is an artificial replacement of missing tooth. Dental implant is the titanium screw placed in the alveolar bone of jaw and artificial prosthesis is cemented on it. Basal implant is a type of procedure where 'Basal Bone',which does not get resorbed throughout life is used and so the load transmitting surfaces of implant are positioned in it. Basal Implant is fast and safe implant and is used more because it provides immediate prosthesis loading, no need of bone grafting, it has basal bone support, minimally invasive, can be used for unfavorable bone solutions. As this type of procedure utilizes basal cortical portion of the jaw bone it is also called 'Cortical Implantology'.

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Cyst Removal

Cyst is soft tissue sac which either has fluid or soft material in it. Symptoms seen are swelling or inflammation and is usually painful. The removal of cyst includes the extraction of that particular tooth which is surrounded by cyst and is either unerupted or partially erupted or infected. The cyst can also be removed with help of incision by laser and scrapping of the lining of the soft tissue completely and sterilizing the area with use of laser. If left untreated it can cause complications. If cyst is not removed properly, chances of re-occurrence of cyst increase.
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