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We at Teeth Care Centre are thankful to Mukesh Patel, USA for the wonderful token of appreciation. With your best wishes and blessings we will strive to give our best Dental Treatments to the patients coming at Teeth Care Centre in future.

Basal Implant

#Dental #Implant is the fixed solution to replace missing #Teeth. #Basal #Implant is a type of dental implant which is placed on basal cortical potion of the jaw to anchorage the basal bone. Basal bone is extremely dense and less prone to resorption. They are used to support single and multiple unit restorations in upper and lower jaws. They can be placed in extraction socket as well as in healed bone. Basal implant does not require bone grafting. This type of #implantology is also called #Biocortical #Implantology as it uses cortical bone.

At #TeethCareCentre the #Implantologist uses #Nobel #Biocare dental implants to achieve highest osseointegration. Various sizes are available of implants depending on the bone density and width. #MakingSmileIncredible

Cyst Removal

#Cyst is sac-like pocket of membranous tissue containing fluid, air or other substance. Mostly cysts are benign or non-cancerous. Cyst removal is important because it eliminates the risk of abscess infecting the blood. #Cyst can be removed through below procedures: It can be removed Surgically, through Laproscopy, Drainage-incision can be made on cyst and the fluid can be drained, Fine Needle Aspiration-thin needle can be inserted and the fluid can be drained. After the cyst is removed Laser can be applied to disinfect the area. The procedure of cyst removal is painless as first anesthesia is given, the area is numbed and then carried out the procedure.

At #TeethCareCentre the #Dentist aims to provide painless treatments. Also we believe in preventing the disorder. Having equipped the clinic with most recent advanced technology materials and ultra modern equipment, makes us No.1 dental clinic. #MakingSmileIncredible