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Oral Health Problems and Diabetes


Diabetes is disease that occurs when your blood glucose is too high, also called blood sugar. Sugar is main source of energy, if blood sugar is poorly controlled, oral health problems are, likely to develop.  As diabetes weakens White blood cells , the defense cells fighting against bacterial infections.

 Oral health problems associated to diabetes:-

A.    Dry mouth :- Decreased salivation further causes ulcers, soreness, infections and tooth decay.

B.     Gum inflammation and periodontal diseases  :- Red swollen and bleeding gums occurs due to increased blood sugar level along with loosening of tooth due to bone loss and bad breath, as enhanced bacterial colonization and infection due to toxins release.

C.     Candidiasis or Oral thrush  :-Fungal growth in mouth is very common in diabetic patient. Patches on tongue, gums and cheeks are seen.

D.    Burning sensation, bitter tastes are other symptoms.



How to prevent oral health problems in diabetes:-

People with diabetes are more prone to oral health problems, it’s vital to follow proper oral hygiene regime and regular visits to the dentist. In TeethCare Centre, we skilled and experienced dentist emphasize in awareness to patient and effective treatment for the gum diseases and other oral problems. The detailed diagnosis rectifies the underlying cause and directs treatment for concerned tooth and gum. A yearly oral prophylaxis , brushing twice a day, flossing and proper check in sugar intake   prevents the problem due to diabetes and a healthy oral health is maintained.


Importance of regular scaling.


How often do you visit for teeth cleaning to your Dentist?

Teeth cleaning is a procedure routinely performed, used to remove excessive tartar development, stains and other gum diseases. Due to eating habits, improper brushing technique and lifestyle leads to yellowing of teeth and staining. ADA recommends routine examination and teeth cleaning at least once a year. A tooth cleaning is known as Scaling.

Importance of scaling:-

·        Accomplishing healthy gums

·        Fresh breath

·        Radiant appearance (removal of plaque, calculus and tartar makes tooth brighter and shinier).

·         Preventions of severe health condition associated to gum diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Teeth Care Centre uses latest and most advanced set of dental instruments for teeth cleaning and polishing. We strictly abide by sterilization protocol for no contamination. The skilled and experienced dentist helps to keep check on growth of bacteria and gum diseases by patient’s regular visits for scaling.

Is scaling good for teeth? Yes, It is imperative to get your teeth professionally cleaned twice in a year to achieve clean teeth and healthier gums.



Why regular visits are important in pediatric dentistry?


Do you know, the first dental visit to dentist should be within 1st year of life? As soon as, the kid has teeth, a dental visit is must, as consistent visit adds to knowledge of good dental hygiene and child becomes familiar to dental hospital.

A Pediatric dentist is child specialist for dental treatment. As soon as child gets first tooth in mouth bacterial colonization increases , tooth decay may increase due to improper cleaning after every meal. Early dental checkups detect tooth decay and other problems, which may cause other medical issues. Child visiting to dental hospital taught about brushing habits and proper technique and tooth decay can be reduced


1. Proper guidance to child and parents about oral hygiene of child.

2. Understanding the importance of flossing and tongue cleaning.

3. During child’s growth years, proper treatment for irregular, crooked, retained teeth and smile designing treatment can be done.

4. Aesthetically appealing smile increases self-esteem and boost confidence in teenage children as, peer pressure is high.

5. Healthy smile leads to healthy mind.

TEETH CARE CENTRE is team of professionals who guide you for proper oral hygiene since birth of child and proper treatment along with patient education by visuals and demo lesson, as healthier future for every child and every child deserves a healthy smile.


Oral Surgery- how can be tooth extraction painless?


Complete removal of one or more teeth from socket is called extraction.

Teeth Care Centre has a team of oral surgeons to perform surgeries according to various complexities with continuous advancement of latest technology, use of painless injections with extremely thin needles, local anesthetic gel, laser for  minimum invasive bloodless surgeries, world class suture materials and stringent 7 step sterilization protocol that meets ADA and CDC GUIDELINES.

We impart conscious sedation for calm and comfortable extraction as patient’s ease and comfort is our top most priority.