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Basic Care of Implants

Implants are titanium posts which are embedded into the jawbone below the gums to replace missing root or roots of the teeth. They look and function like your natural teeth and therefore it is equally important to take care of these implants like you would for your natural teeth.It is necessary to clean your implants atleast twice a day especially after your meals.Brushing and flossing should be properly done on the sides of the implants in order to prevent food lodgement.Regular use of antimicrobial mouthwash is recommended to prevent infection.For bruxers and night grinders, oclussal guards are used ,to reduce oclussal load on the implant.
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Dental implant

Dental implants are the titanium posts which are surgically placed into the jaw bone beneath the gums to replace root or roots of missing teeth . Implants once fitted into the jaw, are further covered with caps to replace the missing tooth or teeth . They also serve as strong anchor for dental bridges and dentures. Implants ensure proper stability for bridges and dentures without slipping or shifting in the
mouth.They are ideal choice of treatment for patients with poor ridges , sore spots and strong gagging reflexes. Adequate bone support and healthy gums are some of the prerequisites for getting an implant.

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