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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

When treatment i.e. rebuilding or replacing is required in full mouth or all the teeth, it is called Full mouth reconstruction or #FullMouthRehabilitationAhmedabad. It is different for every patient and the treatment plan is customized according to the needs. It combines esthetics along with restorative treatment that improves health and functioning of the mouth. #FullMouthRehabAhmedabad includes treatments like replacing missing teeth with help of crown and bridge and Implants, smile makeover procedures, orthodontic procedures etc. The benefits which include the full mouth rehabilitation are: Reliving tooth pain, replacing missing teeth, straightening teeth to maintain oral hygiene, solving gum problems.
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth restoration or reconstruction which involves replenishing the functions and aesthetics of all the teeth which are either damaged, decayed or problematic is called #FullMouthRehabilitation. It is usually indicated in patients with multiple dental problems such as multiple decayed teeth, gum infections, extensive wear and tear of tooth, fracture or trauma to tooth, or multiple missing teeth. These can lead to poor oral health, social embarrassment, speech hindrances, difficulty in eating, etc. One can opt for crowns, bridges, #DentalVeneersAhmedabad, gum surgeries, #BracesInAhmeadabad or #Aligners, Root canal treatment, #DentalImplantsAhmedabad.

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Full Mouth Implant

Dental implant is the solution to replace missing teeth. With Implant one can have advantage of replacing single missing tooth to multiple missing teeth without altering the adjacent teeth. Full mouth #OralImplant is replacing fully edentulous mouth with help of Implants and then attaching implant supported denture to it. Full mouth implant includes: All-on-4 or All-on-6 or placing as many implants taking the space and condition of bone into consideration. #Allon4ImplantInAhmedabad is placing 4 implants in upper jaw and 4 implants in lower jaw and attaching #FixedDentureAhmedabad to it. #Allon6ImplantAhmedabad is placing 6 in upper jaw and 6 in lower jaw and attaching denture to it. After the implants are placed in jawbone denture is fixed to it. 
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