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 Dental X-rays are extremely valuable for helping to detect oral diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues. An X-ray examination may reveal small cavities that can't be seen by a visual exam, infections in the bone, abscesses, cysts, developmental abnormalities, such as extra or impacted teeth, and some types of tumors. Just because such diseases, including early tooth decay, can't be seen by a visual exam does not mean that treatment isn't required.

Is it safe to have dental X-rays?
Yes. Numerous precautions and advances in X-ray equipment help protect patients from receiving unnecessary radiation. The amount of radiation received from a dental exam is extremely small compared to other naturally occurring sources of radiation, including minerals in the soil, radon, and cosmic radiation from outer space. A full-mouth series of films, using state-of-the-art technology, will deliver an effective dose that is equivalent to about 19 days of exposure to naturally occurring environmental radiation.


Radiation being a health hazard, Teeth Care Centre takes utmost care of valuable clients by using an ultramodern Care Stream DC X-ray unit from Canada and the Digital Imaging system of DURR VISTA SCAN FROM GERMANY and, a leading way in diagnostics which offers up to 90% fewer chances of radiation exposure and has an advantage of high-resolution images for detailed diagnostics.