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Simple Measures can Prevent Tooth Decay

Our teeth are the best assets that often help massively in making a first impression. A bright smile goes a long way in healing divisions and in making new friends. With this in mind, it is important to take care of teeth so as to prevent decay. Some simple measures can go a long way in keeping teeth healthy.

[1] Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

[2] Shun smoking and tobacco.

[3] Do not drink fizzy drinks regularly; they can erode your teeth.

[4] Floss your teeth once daily.

[5] Rinse your mouth after each meal.

6] Visit your dentists once in six months even if you do not have any problem. Dietary adjustments will also help keep teeth problem-free.

Avoiding sweets that stick to the teeth and taking them along with a complete meal will help keep teeth healthy. Eating tough foods increases saliva secretion and will also help keep teeth clean.

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TEETH Care Centre Dental Hospital, Ahmedabad

Kids - asthma and cavities link

A new study suggests that there is a link between asthma and cavities in children.Parents of children with asthma do not need to be concerned about an increased risk of tooth decay but children who use nebulizers to control their asthma may be inadvertently increasing their frequency of exposure to sugars because these nebulizers use fructose to deliver therapy.The frequency and the amount of certain sugars consumed are major factors leading to cavities. Children who are mouth-breathers or who have mouth dryness be checked periodically by their dentists. These conditions may be associated with asthma. Many medications used for the long term (such as asthma medications) have been found to reduce the amount of saliva, which is the first protection of teeth.

TEETH Care Centre Dental Hospital, Ahmedabad