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Manage Dental Erosion Caused By Everyday Beverages

The acidic content of beverages such as soda, lemon, grapefruit, orange juice, green and black tea results in dental erosion by excessive consumption of these products.

who are experiencing tooth erosion to first, identify the culprit source of erosion.. Then, the individual should determine and understand how this source affects the teeth in order to implement measures to control and prevent further damage. The person should stop or reduce consumption of the suspected food or beverage to the absolute minimum. He notes that information about the acid content of commonly consumed foods or beverages is usually available online or on the product's label. It is also recommended to seek professional dental advice in order to possibly restore the damaged tissues.

"Dental erosion" is a demineralization process that affects hard dental tissues (such as enamel and dentin). This process causes tooth structure to wear away due to the effects that acid has on teeth, which eventually leads to their breakdown. It can be triggered by consumption of carbonated beverages or citric juices with a low potential of hydrogen (pH), which measures the acidity of a substance. Excessive consumption of the acidic beverages over a prolonged period of time may pose a risk factor for dental health.

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