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Dental Care Myths

1. Hard toothbrushes clean better.

2. Brushing the teeth in a tough and harsh manner will clean the teeth better.

3. Using too much tooth paste will scratch your enamel.

4. Brushing your teeth with baking soda and salt will whiten your teeth.

5. You should wet the toothpaste and the toothbrush before you start brushing your teeth.

6. Using toothpaste can cause tooth decay.

7. Tooth decay is genetic and impossible to avoid.

8. One should brush teeth before breakfast.

9. Some people’s jaw bones are incapable of holding tooth implants.

10. Tooth imaging with x-ray is more dangerous than x-ray imaging of other body organs.

11. Numerous and repeated teeth whitening procedures can cause reverse effects.

12. Male dentists do better job.

13. Toothache can be completely cured by placing tobacco leaves or aspirin to the problematic tooth.

14. The best way to cure toothache is to remove aching tooth.

15. Everybody has bad breath and there’s no way to avoid it.

16. Dental braces can be used only in childhood.

17. Every pregnancy will take one tooth away from the woman.

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