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Is There a Bad Breath Test I Can Do at Home?

In reality, there are a couple of methods you can try..
>One trick is to take one of your hands and breathe on the back of it. While doing this, see if you detect any breath odor.
>saliva may be the cause of foul breath, lick the back of your hand lightly. Wait just a few seconds and then take a whiff.
>Get a spoon and use it as a tongue scraper. Scrape independently both the back and front. Then smell the spoon.
> look into a mirror, take a few seconds to study your interior mouth. Are there black spots on your teeth? These may indicate that you have breath odor.
>most efficient way is to just ask someone you feel close to.
Bad breath can destroy a social life. It makes it difficult to keep friends. Of course, it is particularly devastating to a single person searching for a marriage mate.
Halitosis has harmed a lot of careers. In the end, do you want to sit close to someone who emits breath odor every time they talk? No one does.
There are numerous home remedies that include things such as food regimens, nutritional vitamins and herbal remedies that can completely cure bad breath.
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