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Natal Teeth – MYTHS

Occasionally a child is born with teeth, these are called natal teeth.
1. Born with two teeth in his mouth an omen that he will be strong, fierce and harsh, but without fear.
2. England- children born with teeth will grow into famous soldiers.
3. France and Italy - they will “get on in the world”.
4. Sweden- they can cure an injured finger if placed in the mouth.
5. China - If a baby is born with teeth, it is an ill omen for the family. When the precocious teeth begin to bite, one of the parents will die. If it is a boy, the father, if a girl, the mother.
6. Italy and Germany - The one whose teeth grow early, will sink early into the grave.
7. African tribes - Natal teeth are not only foretell disaster to the child, but to anyone with whom it comes into contact.

All there are false notion. This omen is an angel for us….

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