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What are Ultramodern X-ray Units?

An ultramodern Dental set up equipped with latest and upgraded technologies and skilled professionals is the core of patient satisfaction. One such factor is the X- ray units, which are crucially important for patient diagnosis and the predictable treatment outcome or the prognosis.
There are a number of dental clinics and hospitals employing economical and outdated AC X ray units. The major drawback of these outdated systems is that it causes 150 times more radiation exposure which adversely affects the patient’s health.  Radiation exposure in excess can cause deleterious effects, like damaging the healthy cells in the body. Another drawback is the poor quality images which ultimately affects the diagnosis.

 Dr. Nirav Patel and Dr. Pankti Patel at Teeth Care centre, Satellite, Ahmedabad, employ Ultramodern Carestream DC X-ray unit from Canada. The highlight of this upgraded X-ray unit is that, it reduces radiation exposure up to 90%, thus preventing the patient from health hazards. Another advantage is the intuitive design delivering high quality images having sharp contrast which leads to precise diagnosis and ultimately precise treatment. Moreover, it is not cumbersome like the outdated X- ray units. Also, it includes the film as well as digital radiography systems.  We aim at providing services along with taking into consideration the hazards and side effects that might prove to be deleterious to a patient’s health.