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What is cosmetic direct bonding??

When we build up the crown with the help of composite that is cosmetic direct bonding there are two types of bonding to correct the smile.
First is cosmetic indirect bonding in which we grind the tooth from facial surface then we take measurement of that and tooth is being prepared in laboratory then we place inside the mouth with help of bonding cement, that are called as porcelain veneers. It creates smooth surface and plaque adhere less on the surfaces easy to maintain. but it consumes time and expensive process
Second method is cosmetic direct bonding in which we do simile correction with the help of composite. In office process it is time saving  and immediate correction but the drawback of this is it tend to stain more and more chances of chipping; and for bigger diastema composite direct bonding is not helpful cannot be used. Plaque adherence could be there if properly not smoothed
. Cosmetic Direct bonding require skills to perform
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