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Bad Breath Solution to Avoid Being Offended

Causes of bad breath:
>Smoking- excessive smoking can lead to bad breath; the tar nicotine found in cigarettes sticks to the smoker's teeth, creating a yellowish color in the teeth and bad odor in the mouth.

>Lack of brushing- these is the usual case of bad breath; brushing every after meal is important to remove the bacteria left in the mouth and teeth.

>Tooth decay- tooth decay occurs when the teeth is not cleaned properly; bacteria are left in the mouth to reproduce freely. If left untreated, it may lead to dental diseases halitosis and gingivitis, and you may need to see a specialist dentist to treat the problem.

>Excessive eating of sweet foods- Sweet foods are the number one enemy of the teeth especially if the sugar stays in the mouth for a long time. It creates a breeding ground for bacteria to grow easily and cause toothache, tooth decay and other oral diseases.


-Quit smoking to avoid bad breath and other dental diseases.
-Brush your teeth daily especially for adults to avoid denture and other dental problems.
-If you are going to eat sweet foods, make sure to drink a lot of water and clean your teeth before going to bed to prevent tooth decay and bad breath.
-If you feel that you already have dental and oral diseases, consult to a specialist dentist for advice and remedies.
-Have a good and healthy dental hygiene to prevent bad breath. There are a lot of tips and steps on the net that can guide you how to have a good dental hygiene.

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