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Laser Dentistry...

With the advancements in the field of dentistry, laser dentistry is being recognised and adopted by many cosmetic dentists. These new techniques are being appreciated and many patients are going in for laser treatment.

The laser technology is a sophisticated technology which is being used to treat dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

The thought of visiting the dentist to get a cavity filled or for root canal has always been associated with tension. But with new technologies, people no longer fear dental care as it is less painful. Cosmetic dentists are able to treat patients successfully. The results are also positive. Laser dentistry is being adopted for dental treatments like teeth whitening. Under the latest techniques of laser treatment, the patient is not anaesthetised for minor dental treatments. The patient also does not experience any major pain at the time of the treatment.

Some of the major benefits of laser dentistry are that patients do not experience soreness or tenderness of gums or teeth. The laser technology is hi- tech and sophisticated, so there is a lesser chance of bacterial infections. The healing is much quicker and there is faster regeneration of tissues.

TCC is equipped with lasers.

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