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What is Computer Guided Implant Surgery ?

Computer Guided Implant Surgery uses computer generated surgical guides for the placement of implants into the oral cavity.With the introduction of computer guided implant surgery ,there is an increase in success rate of implant placement as well as it restoration. It provides step to step guidance in placing implants into completely edentulous patients.There is an implant planning software with transfers the locations of planned implant sites to CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing).It is imperative to place the implants at right places which otherwise can cause complications with restorations like screw loosening or fracture.Therefore, it becomes necessary to place implants in their correct locations.

Firstly a virtual plan is created using the the implant planning software which then allows the dentists to replicate the computer guides surgically with high accuracy and precision.CGI(Computer Guided Implant) surgeries are time effective, reduces the operator's stress and increases patients’ case acceptance. It aids in speedy recovery by minimizing tissue manipulations. Narrow spaces and other challenging placements are often made easier using CGI surgeries.It enables the clinicians evaluate anatomic structures with a high accuracy.We believe in using the latest technologies and best quality material for all our treatments.Nowadays,more and more dentists are opting for Computer Guided Implant Surgeries due to its high accuracy , success rates and maximum patient satisfaction.

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